Anyone from West Chester, PA?

Hi ya’ll. I’m currently a student as good ol’ West Chester University. It’s a fairly small school, with around 12,000 total enrolled. Just to ease my curiousity, I was wondering if any other dopers out there go to WCU or live in the area.

PS. I know it’s not my greatest OP, but heck…I’m bored and don’t wanna go to bed just yet.

When I’m home I’m only 'bout 20 minutes from you, (Aston . . . over near Media . . . next to Brookhaven) but most of the time I’m 3 or 4 hours away at school in Huntingdon, a bit south of State College.

There are a few Philly-area Dopers, and I’m up there often enough to be a proxy Doper.

In fact, since Anniz and I had to cancel on the last PhillyDopefest (back in January), I’m sure we’ll try to have another one there soon.

Welcome to the SDMB!


I was student at good ol’ West Chester State College before they went and got uppity and started calling it a university.

I resided in Goshen Hall on the seventh deck during the 1981-2 school year, and worked at the Gino’s (now it’s probably a Roy Rogers) on High Street, south of the campus.
I use to get stoned in the woods between the Student Union and the football field.

Have you found the fallout tunnels beneath the campus yet? Me and a couple of friends got detained by the campus cops for entering and raising hell through them. They din’t know we were dosing, though.

With the sole exception of the dope, the whole WCSC experience turned me off.

I’m back in the area occasionally and usually pop into the Rat and eat up at Adam’s Rib.

How do you get into the tunnels? I’ve heard of them, but no one I’ve talked to knows how to get into them.

I went to Univ of Delaware and my best friend and his wife life in West Chester. If you ever wanna hang out let me know. Now, mind you, we’ve both graduated so unless you like sitting around you might just wanna do your own thing. But I do know a certain of places in Philly that are “good clean fun”.


PS: If you are considering a fraternity (its not for everyone, mind you) consider Kappa Delta Rho. The WCU chapter is (was, when I knew them) a bunch of good down to earth guys.