Anyone got a spare SWTOR friend trial pass?

I’ve been thinking about trying The Old Republic for awhile since World of Warcraft has gotten old and stale to me, but I don’t want to drop $60 on an MMO before I know if i’m going to like it. It’s been a few months since it came out so I went to their website today in hopes of finding a free trial.

And lo and behold, there is one!

And lo and behold, they’ve decided they want to go the annoyingly overcomplicated Gmail-in-2006 direction and make it so you can only play the trial if a subscriber gives you an invitation! :smack:

I know we have some players here on the Dope, and according to the FAQ on that site every paying subscriber gets three invitations they can send out. Any chance that one of you lovely people has a spare one lying around?

I’d like to second this. My boyfriend wants to try the game but after the experience with Star Wars Galaxies, he’s a bit wary of paying for the game without trying it.

If anyone has a friend trial they’re just dying to give away (after Smapti gets one), could I have it?


The site’s undergoing maintenance right now so I can’t get info from the link, but I ought to have some if that’s the case. Let me look into it.

Edit: Yeah, looks like I have to log in via the web and can’t right now. They said maintenance should be going on until about 9 CDT.

I have a bunch of invites I can give out. I will need you to post your name (it appears first name only will do) and your email address.

I can also provide invites if anyone wants to PM me, although I can’t log in until tonight.

ETA: If anyone trying out the game is interested, the Doper guilds are on the Master Zar Levin server (one for each faction). I don’t know if trial accounts can join guilds but if you decide to stick around (or just have in-game questions) that’s where a few of us are.

even if there may already be on sale by owner: D

I’ll also add myself to the list of players with friend passes to be given away, PM me with your details if you want one.

ill grab in an invite if thats okay, Heropsychodreamer!
Name: Mark
Email: meyitzo at hotmail dot com


OP here.

Name: John
Email: smaptitastic at

Logging in to send one assuming no one else has yet.

Could i get a friend invite also? Bob is my name email is khross440@yahoo

I’d be willing to give it a shot with some Dopers.

Name: Dan
Email: drevildan at

Looking for a SWTOR friends trial please, if possible.

Name: Gabe


Thank you!

I just sent one to Congodwarf’s boyfriend; I’ll go ahead and send out invites to khross, Captain_C and honestgabe while I’m at the page since no one has indicated they’ve done it yet. It looks like each paid player can send up to 25 invites so there are plenty to go around.

Done for those above. I also got a PM from the OP but it looks like he (she?)'s taken care of.

Could I get an invite if one’s available? I missed their recent weekend trial due to work…
Name: Bill

Could I get an invite if one’s available?

Name: Kerrin

Downloading the game client now. (25 GB? Getouddaheyah.) Thanks!

send me a PM for a free pass,

I still got 2 to give away