City of Heroes 14-day trial, free to good home

Ever wanted to try out City of Heroes? If so, a bunch of us can now hook you up. NCSoft just sent out emails offering a free 14-day trial of City of Heroes.

So if anyone’s out there who wanted to try it without paying for it – your chance is now! I’ll happily forward my free trial on to some deserving Doper, and I suspect that others will as well.

So speak up, if you want to come try on the Tights of Justice.*

*Tights optional, and most of us play on the Virtue server, not Justice. But Tights of Virtue sounds kind of creepy.

I feel a raging spasm for justice stirring deep within my massive loins.

Hit me.

Oh, you just want that spot in the closed beta for City of Villians, Brainiac4. I’m on to you.

I’ll try it.

I, too, can forward the relevant information to all interested. Send me an email.

I have two freebies to give away (I assume the Valentine’s Day one is still good, even if the contest is over). Post here, or track down my email through the CECIL forums (try the link in Brainiac4’s post).

Same here. Look me up for a free invite.

And I’m already secured as a beta tester in CoV being there since day one, so this is just outta the goodness of my own non-dimension-destroying heart.

I, also, have received this email. Happy to share.

Should I get an even flow of income such that I am no longer struggling to pay the bills, I will probably sign back up with City of Heroes… just thought I’d hijack the thread momentarily.

Another CoH doper willing to possibly share (i say possibly, because I have a friend who might want it. Email me anyways, he’ll get back to me by tonight.)

Now, I’m off to interrogate ten Lost, defeat Frostfire, and explore Perez Park with other heroes.

It’s like the Dopers can hear my thoughts. If anybody has a spare, I’d be more than grateful. :smiley:

My e-mail is if anybody can help. :slight_smile:

Actually, since I’ve been subscribed since day one, I’m already in. I just want to share the joy of CoH.

Another 12-monther, that has an invitation to share. Just let me know!

Hey, even those who have been on for as little as two months have invitations! Anyone is welcome to mine.

Mine’s taken now.

I would be interested in a free trial if any are still available…

Please email me at:

straightdope .AT.

Thank you!!!

I’d be interested in a trial. E-mail’s in my profile.

I have, um, 50 gmail invites in exchange!

If someone has a free trial, I would like one. I got lost in the, got it, don’t got it anymore posts.


I still have mine to give away.

But it’s no good to give one to someone who already has one - so please, use the email in my profile, and ask. First come, first served.

Same here. You need but email me.