Wanted! City of Heroes Players!

From 18:00 GMT tonight, the legendary heroes Captain Timbob and Kid London will once again be defending the innocent on the streets of Paragon City.

At some point tonight, we want to give the Sister Psyche task force a go, so i figured i’d drop a post here and see if anyone was going to be round tonight who fancied joining us.

Also, I know there are other players here on the boards, but i’m intrigued as to whether there are any other Brits who play the game - since its technically not been released over here yet.

Any players?

I’m afraid that I’ll be in class at that time due to the time difference, otherwise I would (though freakshow are not my favorite opponents).

In any case, though, you should probably specify which server it is that you play on.

True - Pinnacle server.

To be honest we probably won’t kick the taskforce off until about 8ish our time.

I play on Virtue. Highest chars are both 24, though - I’m not much of a power gamer. :slight_smile:

Khiadra, there’s a SDMB supergroup on Virtue, if you’re interested. As long as you’re a doper, a friend of a doper, or have once heard of the Dope, then you’re welcome.

Send a /tell to Master Electric. I’ll get an invite sent your way.

garius - Come to Virtue. You know you want to.

Same here - as there’s two of us in the house we tend to try and coincide our levels. we’re both 24 at the moment

Hey, thanks :slight_smile: I already have an SG that I’m happy with, but I’d quite like to tee up a group sometime if you’re interested.

My favourite chars are my level 24 Dark/Invul scrapper, Requisite Force, and my level (I think) 18 Empath/Radiation defender, Khiah Adaria.

Mental Note: When in the process of getting addicted to a game, always check the Dope.

I got introduced to this game over the weekend when I was visiting friends in PGH. I’m in the process of building a new computer (okay, having a friend build me a new computer) for gaming and am now fiending. With no ability to play it for at least six weeks or so. Probably more like 8.

I was on the Virtue server. Levels 1-8.

I’ve got a 22 tanker on pinnacle, and I’m pretty time-flexie. Dunno what sister’s levels are for the TF, though.

I’ve also got a full roster on Virtue, including a 39 scrapper, a 24 defender, and various 6-17s.

Oh, and as a side note; the tank is named ‘Crush Groove’, and is an invuln / earth. I have so many defensive toggles I -can’t- generally attack, but my taunt is HUGE and I pretty much ignore all non-psionic damage.

Two of my housemates got me into it, and then they moved on to World of Warcraft. Darn them anyway. My blaster can always use tankers (meatshields) to team with, and my defender can always use just about anyone to team with; her damage output is painfully low.

Unfortunately, I play on Champion, which no one else has listed.

Sparkes, 33 Blaster electrical/electrical
Safia, 23 Defender dark/dark
Mr. Prickly, 17 Scrapper claws/super reflexes

Technically, not a Brit - I’m a Yank living in London - and I play on Virtue. I’m a level 40 claws/super reflexes scrapper called Korenwolf. Might try to catch some of y’all online, as my supergroup recently folded.

I have a level 6ish char on Virtue called Verminhater (claws/dark scrapper), or a couple of other chars if you don’t mind RSKing one - Mea Culpa (blaster), Momma Mea (blaster), Approximator (controller).

I have a couple of others but I generally only play them when I’ve got a friends group teed up ahead of time, so no point in giving you those ones. :slight_smile:

Shoot me a tell if you see me online! Uh, but be sure to mention you’re a Doper or odds are I’ll be curiously unavailable. Having played EQ for years, and now CoH, I’ve learned to truly loathe random group invites. :slight_smile:

You can find out most of our character names at our website and forum located here. And there are a couple of associated SGs as well, one for our lesser played alts and another for a group that started playing Dark/Dark scrappers. There is usually someone on from early evening until I log off in the morning.

And then of course there’s my divine-themed SG on Justice. Which unfortunately gets far too little of my attention.

Yeah, but there are only the 2 of us from the Dope on it. Unless that new person I saw there is from here also.


Nein. Acquaintance of old.

I need to do more active recruiting there… or give up on it entirely.

I don’t think you need to give it up. I have a couple of alts with single member SGs. It may never be a huge SG, but it can still be useful and fun.


You and your game have stolen my boyfriend, Garius, and I WANT HIM BACK.

I got City of Heroes for Christmas and it has become the all-consuming obsession of my life – I mean skipping meals, losing sleep, the whole bit. Not that I’m complaining :wink:

The first month or so I was addicted to creating characters; consequently I have upwards of 30 characters spanning ALL of the servers. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I started really playing in earnest. As it happens, my most-played and highest level character is in Virtue: a level 17 blaster named Shockfox. He’s already in a terrific SG, but if any Dopers want to say hi, or even team up, I’d love to meet you. I’ll be on around 6 pm EST this evening.

A couple of other characters that I play semi-regularly are Beautiful Mind, a level 13 Defender in Pinnacle (I think…I’m at work right now) and Lady Lacerator, a level 8 Scrapper in Champion (I think). I might have to double-check on those servers when I get home, but again I’d love to hear from any Dopers in those servers. These two characters aren’t in SGs so if ya’ll want to start up Doper chapters in those servers, I’d be up for it.

I also occasionally play a Tanker called the Ultra-American, but for the life of me I can’t recall which server he’s in – I’ll have to get back to you on that.