Wanted! City of Heroes Players!

You know, with the new Global Chat, all you Dopers on other servers could converse with us members of CECIL on Virtue…

What’s the CECIL chat-channel name?

Umm, CECIL :smiley:

FTR, my Global Chat name is @Maus Magill

We’ve got a Dark Armor-focused SG on Virtue as well, although it’s also open to non-SDMBers. It’s open to */DA scrappers, */DB defenders, and Warshades. We’re trying out an aura-centric playstyle with heavily-slotted Death Shroud. You can check it out at http://rank.culex.us/ and see if you’re interested. We usually get together on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as most of these characters are alts, but some of us are on a lot more.

laugh that’s a beautiful theme you have going there :slight_smile:

Sadly, Verminhater got the chop the other day and was recreated as a claws/regen scrapper. The constant whine from my self-buff was giving me an awful headache (I play with headphones on, so it was right in my ear).

I have 2 other dark scrappers, but they’re dark primary rather than secondary (shadow maul is THE most fun attack around, I reckon). I already have an SG, though Verm’s not been re-enlisted in it yet.

However, I love the premise of R.A.N.K. and think it rocks. :smiley:

Loath as I am to paying a monthly fee in order to play a game, I’ve decided to get in on City of Heroes. It’s certainly cheaper than cable and probably more entertaining!

I have only one character so far, a Broadsword Scrapper called Ivory Knight. He’s currently level 3 on Virtue.

BTW: when I picked up the game last night, I noticed a pre-order box for the next Freedom Force game. Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich, due out on the 8[sup]th[/sup].

We accept you, One of us! One of us!

I’ve been experimenting with a couple of other characters: a Dark/Dark
Mutant Scrapper (Errant Moon) and a AR/Energy Natural Blaster (RaynebowWarrior).

Ivory Knight is up to level 4 and having hellatrouble with a bunch of Clockworks in a door mission.

If you’re still having trouble this weekend, I should be around as Doc Salvage - I don’t know if you can take me on as Exemplar at that point, though.

At level four its easier to go out, arrest a few thugs, level and go back in. You level so fast at four. Or take a level 5 friend.

Thanks for the advice, Dangerosa. IK has already had to leave twice to heal; didn’t quite make it the second time. Little bastard blasted him in the ass.

A couple? My last count has me at 46 total alts. Only 7 or 8 are in the double digits for levels so far. And only 2 are over 20, Air Goddess and Justice Blues, my main, both in C.E.C.I.L. I love creating characters. :smiley:


I’m an altaholic, too. I’m concentrating on Master Electric, because I’ve had him since April, and, by golly, he should be higher than 31.

I also have:
Dimsdale - Scrapper Spine/Regen
The HIdden Mouse - Scrapper Katana/DA
Soren Surt - Tanker - Fire/fire
Pretty Boy Joe - Defender - Kinetics/Dark
Siracco - Controller - Fire/Storm

I’ve deleted more than I can count.

I only ever play on Virtue, though I have many other characters on other servers just for the fun of creating. Send a tell if you ever see me on as:

Mack Carnage: claws/super reflexes scrapper
Max Carnage: super strength/invulnerability tank
She Carnage: gravity/kinetics controller
Kid Carnage: Mace/invul tank
Robo-Carnage: fire/elec blaster
Pestilenz: illusion/empathy controller
Lando The Free: energy/energy blaster
Homer The Brave: martial arts/regen scrapper

Usually I’m on as Mack, Pesti, or lately a lot of Lando.

I found out why IK was having so much trouble with those Clockworks. A Cannon Knight was hiding in there! Didn’t have much of a problem after giving that thing a KO. IK is now level 5 and troll hunting in The Hollows.

I’ve also added a Tanker called GreenMonster (Green Monster was already taken). He’s based on The Hulk, so you can probably guess his powers. I got him through levels so fast that I didn’t notice he was a 5 until he started incurring debt!

Ms. Eyre - 31 katana/inv scrapper
Eliza Bennett - 36 empath defender

Several alts at 20 or below…Dashwood is most likely to be on now, but also Dangerosa, Kindele or Bovary.

Brainiac4 is generally on as Super-Collider or Thermocline.

All on Virtue.

Where can I sell enhancements & inspirations? All I ever see is “can’t be sold here”.

Can’t sell inspirations.

Enhancements can be sold at the Freedom Corps Training Personnel - they’re in red and white costumes, and there’s a pair of them in City Hall, a pair near Ms. Liberty, a pair near Back Alley Brawler in Galaxy City… and other spots.

Once you get enhancements that aren’t ‘Training’ enhancements, you need to sell them at specific matching stores to get the best price. The stores are in City Zones, starting with Steel Canyon and Skyway City. You’ll be adventuring in those zones well before seeing the first Dual-Origin enhancements though.