Wanted! City of Heroes Players!

Aha! I was wondering what those Training Personnel are for. Many thanks.

I’ve added another alt: an Inulnerable/Axe Tanker named Brian Bloodaxe. His story is that he escaped from a 20-year-old C64 game. I was a bit surprised that he wasn’t already taken.

I had a great time with Mr. Bloodaxe last night. Three others - a blaster, a tanker, and a healer - came to help me with one of those Clockwork doors. That warehouse was absolutely loaded with Dukes! Our team leader said the mission had respawned for a five-man team.

Wheee, more Dopers on Virtue!

As my lovely and talented wife pointed out, I’m there too.

On Virtue:

Thermocline - 41 Fire/Ice blaster
Super-Collider - 30 Rad/Rad defender
Scraptacular - 12 MA/SR scrapper
Dr. Livingstone - 8 Inv/Stone tanker
Doctor Infernal - 5 Fire/Rad controller

I also have a couple I am not currently playing, but will happily bring out if needed

Night’s Fang - 18 DM/DA scrapper (in RANK)
Night’s Touch - 11 Kin/DB defender (in RANK)
Synthezoid - 7 Energy/Dev blaster

My global chat handle is @Brainiac4, and I can be found in CECIL if I am on.

Wait until you see a mission spawned for a team of 8, with the difficulty set higher… big spawns of lieutenants and bosses. The xp flows like water… if you live.


For members of the C.E.C.I.L. supergroup, we have recreated the group and are now known as CECIL. Log into /chat beta 1 and set up CECIL as your default chat. Give us a yell and we’ll swap you over.

[originally posted at sdmb.culex.us]

As most of you have realized, CECIL (v2.0) is up and running. Not ones to leave any member behind, we ask that you send a tell to any of the usual suspects or log into the beta chat agent and let us know you need to get swapped over to the updated supergroup.

If you have any problems, you can always post here and we’ll get with you asap.

Hope everyone enjoys the new digs!

You have to type in either /chatbeta 1 or /chat_beta 1. If you try /chat beta 1, it thinks you are giving 2 arguments to the /chat command. (Found this out the hard way when I couldn’t get global chat working. :p)

And any of you on CoH are welcome to join the CECIL channel, and the CECIL supergroup if you have characters on Virtue. The more the merrier. :slight_smile:


I’ve added yet another alt: an Inv/Elec Defender called Z-3PO. His battle cry is, “Protocol this!”

Soon, soon I will have a computer that can play this game. About a month and then I will begin.

Please someone cool save an alt spot for a few more weeks - I long to duo up with some damage dealer and go after the exporation badges. (My main will be a controller. I swear. Okay, maybe a defender, given my love of Empathy.)

Errant Moon and RaynebowWarrior will probably still be level six or lower.

Ooh. I meant to start another thread about this game, to see if Dopers were still playing. I’m usually Ghost Soldier or Razor Shaman on Virtue. Maybe I’ll log on and see if anyone is on.

Controllers are hard to play solo at low levels. Defenders are kind of frustrating, in that they really shine in a group, but you sometimes feel like you’re not doing anything… until you take one hit too many, go down and watch the whole team fold like a cheap suit without the benefit of your buff/debuff abilities.

My main is a blaster, as posted above, level 41. But my original character, and primary alt, is a defender, and he’s often more fun to play – it’s easy to feel heroic when you can save other heroes. See someone near death? Zip over and heal, maybe debuff their foes and buff them, make sure they live through it, then accept their gratitude and be on your way.

Man, I love this game.

My main right now is Johnny Daemon, a level 43 DM/INV scrapper. On Virtue, part of the CECIL supergroup.

I also have Rat ta tat tat, my level 36 AR/DEV blaster, and Va Va Boom, a level 15 Rad/Rad defender. I rarely play these two anymore. Rat was my main for a long time, but with the changes to smoke grenade way back in issue 2, he was having more and more trouble surviving.

JD, on the other hand, has no such problems. Except the 24 million xp left from 43 to 50. Sigh.

Okay, I’ve taken some of my favorite unplayed characters from other servers and re-created them in Virtue, because I love my SG in that server.

My main character in Virtue was an electrical blaster called Shockfox; I got him up to level 18 and then sort of lost interest. I don’t feel I have anything to look forward to with him. I know that at level 20 you can get a second costume and you’re eligible for a cape. But I’m not interested in another costume because I don’t feel I can improve on his current one; I’ve played around with some alternative designs and nothing works for me. And I definitely don’t want a cape – he’s not a cape guy at all. So if I kept playing him I’d basically just be leveling up for the sake of leveling up, and going on endless missions with no real goal.

So Shockfox is more or less retired, at least for now. But in a weird, neurotic way I’d feel disloyal to my SG if I just disappeared, so I’ve transplanted some other characters to Virtue. Fortunately 2 out of the 3 names were not taken. I chose them because I have additional costumes in mind for them, and they’d also look good in capes.

The are:

Coldzone, an ice blaster.

Brainpower, a defender (his original name was Psionix but that was taken in Virtue; I lucked out with “Brainpower,” a better name IMO).

Jingo Belle, a scrapper and my new favorite/primary. She has an astonishing number of hit points, which I’m not at all used to, having mostly played a blaster – you know how that is. And she does this jumping/spinning kick that is fabulous to behold :slight_smile:

Anybody mind if I send you a /tell to say hi?

Not at all.

When I’m on, you can send a tell to

Jim Beam, level 38ish MA/SR scrapper
ERG-1, level 30 En/En blaster
ERG-4, level 25ish Rad/Rad defender
Blue Genesis, level 14 Inv/EM tanker

I’m always willing to take in a small (less than 4) team, especially on anyone who isn’t Jim Beam.

I like the controller though. (Illusion/empathy) And I didn’t mind soloing - though I liked duoing much, much more. enough healing goodness to keep one or two others alive, and enough damage ability to get a few good licks in as well.

When I get my computer, I’ll probably have a defender as well - I like healers. (I had to explain that concept to the healer in the last group I played with - she had an over fondness for Absorb Pain, saying that she’d rather die than one of us. My comment was that if she died, I couldn’t heal everyone else and rez her, and the way we were going that would mean we would all be gone. sigh)

Don’t forget, the Global Chat channel is CECIL , and most of us have at least one ear on it, even if we’re not in the group.

Most recently, I can typically be found as
La Pucelle BS/SR Scrapper, 46
Shamrock II Mace/Fire Tanker, 23
Terrible Secret En/En Blaster, 23
Neural 'Nette, Kinetics/Psi Defender, 6.

I finally managed to play again yesterday after a long hiatus. The CECIL global chat channel is great. Makes it so much easier to communicate with friends (just remember to do /chatbeta 1 every time you log in).

I have 8 alts on Virtue, but my mains are Volt Valkyrie (30 Kinetics/Electric defender), Eye of Maya (24 Illusion/Kinetics controller), and Kitsune-hime (26 Claws/Regen scrapper). I’m always willing to team up, although my playtime is sometimes limited.

Look for me as @VoltValkyrie on the CECIL chat channel.

Could someone explain this chat channel to me, and how to access it?

Saw this happen last night. Terra Volta Respec Trial. Our healer wasn’t keeping up with the Resurrections - we lost a Scrapper, and then me, and then after that, within a minute, all three of the others suddenly, then the reactor.

Forcefields are your friend.

I’m good at creating characters but lack imagination for their background stories. Would someone please come up a story for my latest alt (Ice Leprechaun, a 4’ Magic Ice/Ice Def)?

I was that Scrapper!

We were so close; it was the final wave that overpowered us. I guess our damage output wasn’t high enough. Still, I had a lot of fun. And got a enough to debt to last me a while. :wink: