More City of Heroes Free 14 Day Trials

… have been mailed to subscribers, including myself.

Anyone dying to try it?

I’d like to give it a try. What do I need to do?

ooh! ooh! Me! My son just bought a new PC that the game wouldn’t laugh at. I’d love to try it.

Let’s give some other CoH players a chance to find this thread and respond - basically, the company sends out emails to subscribers, which can be forwarded on to any one person the subscriber chooses - the email has a special code and instructions for downloading the game.

I’ve really wanted to try it, if anyone’s willing to hook me up.

Count me in as an interested party as well.


Mine is yours.

Ok, problem. You won’t allow emails to be sent, so send me one, and I’ll reply with the offer.

Doesn’t it need a credit card? I seem to recall that was why I didn’t sign up last time.

Dunno, 'mika. Thought the CC only came into play if you turned it into a full subscription.

I have one for whoever wants it.

Does the Free 14 Day Trial also come with Free Experience Points?

Oh, I *luuuuurve * this nickname. From now on, everyone, call me Mika!

Well, if it doesn’t, I’d love to try it when I get back to Halifax next week.

(Just what I need, another MMORPG to suck up my free time)

If there’s any left, I wouldn’t mind one.

For all of you who don’t have a CC, there are “pre-paid” cards that you can get. I’m not sure WHERE, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I played the game for a while when it first came out, but lost interest after a few months. Apparently NCSoft had a policy that once a person created an account with a specific serial number, that number would be permanently associated with that person. I understand they want to prevent people selling characters for a profit, like what happened with EverQuest, but it leaves people like me stuck with a useless disk. So, is this policy still in effect? If not, anyone want my disk?

I’m interested to play City of Heroes, if there are any trial codes left.

The disk is not tied to the serial number. The CoH client is free, but getting a copy of the disk will save someone the trouble of downloading the client.

If anyone wants my trial, send me an email. Make sure you put SDMB, Straight Dope, or City of Heroes in the subject line, or my spam filter will get you.

Similarly, if you haven’t sent an email directly to one of the other goodly Dopers with invites, or if you have and their invite was taken, please feel free to send me an email - first come, first served - and I’ll fire off the invite.

I heard a rumor that CoH is allowing free play this weekend for former customers - anyone else hear about it?