Anyone got these? Just spam: please ignore.

I was wondering if anyone had these and how well they worked…


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Oh sure…I bought two, so now I’m DOUBLE immortal. So there!

All right voguevixen, I like you! Not necessarily because you are double immortal, but because you are a football fan. Nice sig! :slight_smile:

I guess the only way to know that they don’t work is to wear the immortality rings, then die. Since dead people don’t post much to this forum much anymore, you’ll have to wait quite a while.

Since I’m not sure how much time you have and might not be able to wait around long enough, I’ll give you my opinion. The science behind the claims leaves me very skeptical.

-Alex Chiu (the inventor) talks about positive and negative terminals, and magnetic poles on the human body.
–This is false, the human body is not magnetized and it has no net electrical charge.

-Chiu mentions that having opposite magnetic poles causes an electric current.
–This is also false. Moving magnets can induce a current in a conductor. However, these stationary magnets will not induce a current in an insulator (the human body).

-Chiu claims that this current will increase blood circulation and increase the metabolism to fight the aging process.
–I have no idea how an electrical current can affect circulation, short of stopping it all together when you are electrocuted. As far as increasing metabolism, in general electricity has no affect on the rates of chemical reactions. Also, increasing the body’s metabolism will likely have a negative effect on the aging process. Fast metabolisms tend to increase the levels of free radicals in the body. Some scientists claim that these free radicals cause much of the cellular damage described as aging.

I doubt these rings work at all since they are based on so much pseudo-science. The only “evidence” he gives are testimonials. Sorry, not good enough. This site is good for a laugh, though. This line is my favorite:

:rolleyes: Yeah, right, straight lines. I can’t believe I never saw this before. :wink:

I have one and it works well. Not as well as drinking urine though. And it didn’t cure my cancer nearly as well as my violet light generator. But hey, compared to a doctors visit, it was a steal.

Alleged link to patent

shortened link

Doesn’t look like a gov address to me. Anyone care to do a lookup before this spammer is sent to bed?
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okiyama, posting a commercial link like that is against the rules you agreed to when you signed up.

Are you not a person who believes in living up to your agreements?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, this is old hat. It was a weird Earl on the front page a while back.

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