Anyone had any cosmetic surgery?

Purely elective, not reconstruction after a mastectomy, for example.

I’d like your thoughts and tips.

Not me, but mizpullin.

After having babies she decided one of the fun parts of pregnancy was big boobs (I was in total agreement of course). After finishing up and getting thru the nursing part, she selected a surgeon known for producing a “natural” look and went to him. He counseled against anything overlarge or pornstar-ish, and in fact said he would refuse anything excessive.

I don’t know the best way to describe this, but I’d call the result “larger than average” for her size, but not huge. Such that tight, clingy clothing will stop traffic, but loose fitting outfits don’t attract extra attention. When she had the surgery, she was working for an asshole boss. Even with careful wardrobe choices, he eventually noticed the change and started with weird, almost stalking behavior. She eventually quit the job over him (but he was a problem beforehand, larger breasts just made it worse).

Almost 20 years later, no problems, no issues (other than getting me to quit grabbing). She says when going to new Drs, they’re surprised when she reveals she had the surgery. Overall, she’s still pleased she had it done.

I don’t know if this is the kind of information you wanted, and I apologize for the second hand nature (and that it’s coming from a guy). But maybe the long-term perspective is useful.

Thanks for the advice! How did she choose the surgeon?

Three weeks ago I had erbium laser resurfacing on my face, with some fat grafting (taken via liposuction in the abdomen, not much needed so no real change there), and some procedure to tighten the sagging chin/jowl pouches. I am 63. I was looking pretty good until the last few years, when the loss of hormones seemed to trigger the jowls, the sagging skin, huge bags under the eyes, disappearing lips, and just overall resting bitch face. I also have extensive scarring on one cheek from a car accident 50 years ago (500 stitches inside and out, ripped the side of my face open) which was more prominent with the sagging skin. Due to the depth of some of them, the laser went pretty deep.

No pain at all, and the redness and swelling have gone down considerably, although people still ask if it is painful. It is more painful for them to look at me. Still have three weeks before the doctor wants ‘after’ photos, so it should be good by then.

Days 1-5 I was wrapped in gauze which had to be kept moist. I was pretty tired of squirting myself constantly, and sleeping at a 30 degree angle. Did not feel like eating, so subsisted on a variety of Ensure flavors. Some places were still bloody and the gauze stuck there. I took the pain med (Tramadol) only the first day, as it made me feel queasy and there really was no pain (or I have a high tolerance, as I also didn’t take any last year following foot surgery). the only other medication is homeopathic Arnicare tablets to reduce redness and swelling.

Days 6-10 I had to change and wrap my own gauze once daily, after slathering my face with Aquaphor, and wearing a ‘neck bra’. Not hard, but not fun when I was still seeing bloody places that weren’t healing. I needed to get back to work, but would not be seen like that, so went to work after dark for a few hours each day to get caught up. Most places had healed, but there were still places around the old scars that weren’t healed.

I had a vacation planned, and had hoped I would look somewhat normal by then. I didn’t have to have any gauze but was still red and swollen. Luckily, the destination was extremely humid and the rainy season, so it was a great place to heal. I only had to keep slathering the lotion on and had doctor approved sunscreen in case the sun came out, in addition to a big hat.

So now, day 21, still red but getting better, and I can see that the crow’s feet and frown lines (forehead and around the mouth) are gone. The scars are not too noticeable. There may be a bit more fat grafting added after the swelling goes down and she can see where it might be needed. Under-eye area is looking pretty good, still a bit puffy but the dark circles I have had for years are gone (and I must improve my bad habits of not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep). I have a nice jawline. I asked the doctor about makeup and she said I shouldn’t need it - my skin is new and just perfect the way it is (or will be when completely healed). Back home now in this dry climate and with the furnace going, I am moisturing every couple of hours. I don’t know if that will continue after completely healed, but it doesn’t hurt.

I had wanted to do this since my 40s but couldn’t afford it and knew that results might only last about 10 years. Waiting until now, they will either last a lifetime or until I just don’t care any more.

Friends at the gym, as I remember. I believe a friend had the same procedure and recommended the Doc.

Maybe this doesn’t count as “surgery”, but my wife has wispy eyebrows so she had eyebrow tattoos many years ago. She was happy with it, but they’ve mostly faded by now.

That’s what I’m looking for. I looked into Kybella only to find out I’m not a candidate since the double chin goes too far back. I’m in good shape, working out four days a week, including strength training, but there’s no exercise to tighten up your neck line. :frowning:

I have an appointment to see the surgeon again next week (I saw him back in March to see what was involved) and hope to get it done during a week of vacation I’m taking in December. I hope the swelling goes down by the time I’m back at work.

I opted for a more permanent solution. Fillers don’t last very long, and I hear they can be painful injections. There are many procedures that give even better results. RF (radio frequency) and something called NeckTite. My doctor swears by the RF, not only for the neck but saggy upper arms and other places:

Had my eyes done. Medicare paid for the top, the saggy eyelids, and I sprung for the bottom lift, figuring why not get it all over with.
A couple of days of misery (I am apparently allergic to OXY and scratched my skin off), weird looks when I went out, but I love it!!!

I was surprised to hear that a friend had cheek implants. I hadn’t seen her since grade school (50 years ago), and she found me on FB. I thought wow, she looked great, and not exactly like I thought she would look lika as an adult. When she mentioned the cheek implants it made sense. They looked natural and very nice, but she mentioned that there was an issue with one of them and it would have to be replaced. Then just last week a friend I was vacationing with said she had a chin implant. Also so very natural looking. Her sister had breast implants and encouraged me to get them, but I am leary of foreign objects in my body unless absolutely necessary like a joint replacement. And she will have to have them replaced because they have shifted. It showed in some of the photos.

I’ve got it scheduled for Dec 5. Holy crap. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

What are you going to have done?

I’m happy for you that you want to and can do this! I know you’ve been working your tail off in the gym and you’ve gone through your surgery - you deserve to feel as great on the outside as you (hopefully) feel on the inside!

Does having skin tags removed by a dermatologist count? Many, many tags over several visits. Great staff!

I’ve had skin tags removed from my face. I’ve also had success tying them off with thread (not on my face, of course.)

I’m getting a neck lift in conjunction with liposuction of the neck area. I wasn’t planning on doing this for some time, but Ivylad surprised me by telling me he’d saved up the money over the last six months. At first I protested, saying we could put the money to other uses, but he went all Sheldon Cooper on me and said no, this money is earmarked for my Christmas/anniversary/Mother’s Day/birthday present.

I feel somewhat guilty still, like this is an indulgence. We’re not wealthy by any means, although we are comfortable. I just feel like people will judge me. I have to get some bloodwork and an EKG done for surgical clearance, and luckily my primary was able to squeeze me in this afternoon to authorize the tests.

The same people that will “judge” you are spending their cash on cigs or cheap booze or one of a billion other useless things. You will feel better about yourself; your hubby sounds like a helluva guy. Go with it. In my case, it’s a lot easier to walk around in cargo shorts, now, if you get my drift.

EKG done, bloodwork done tomorrow. Now we just have to wait for the scripts to come (they’re mailing them to me.)

Good luck!

I had my nose fixed when I was 25 and I’m now 59, so I have spent most of my adult life with it. I chose a plastic surgeon who did a lot of volunteer reconstructive work on kids with cleft palates, so I felt like I was subsidizing good works and not just being vain. The results were great and very natural looking. No one ever believes I had plastic surgery because I didn’t get one of those assembly-line pert little nose; he just shaved off some of the excess.

When we had a child I used to joke that he would grow up to inherit my “real” nose and then look around at me and his dad and say, “hey, where’d my big honker come from?” My son is now 19 and damned if he doesn’t have a nose that is almost exactly like my pre-surgery nose. It reminds me of how glad I am that I fixed mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Had the surgery on Tue. I have a lovely bruise around my right eye and my cheeks and neck are still a little puffy and numb. I have staples in my scalp that I’m getting removed next Friday. I’m still on an antibiotic and a steroid, and the doctor said I could take arnica for the bruising (I don’t know if it’s helping in this situation or not, but it helped when I had a minor procedure about two years ago.)

I’m down to one pain pill a day at night to help me sleep in the recliner. I’d dearly love to get back to my gym routine but I’m going to wait until the staples are out, but I will hit the treadmill next week. My neck is stiff and although I can turn to the right and left I’m having problems tilting my head back. The doctor says that will loosen up in time.

The jowls and turkey neck are gone!