Anyone have a GOOD source for house rentals? -- Need answer fast!

We need to relocate ASAP. Couch surfing in the meantime. Ugh.

I’ve been through the first couple of pages of Google hits for “Houses for Rent Chicago, IL” without much luck. Lots of apartments, but few houses. Craigslist, by some strange coincidence, is full of houses listed by Western Africans who accidentally took their keys with them when they went home to Nigeria for an emergency, but will gladly put me in touch with their agent after I send them my banking information and the security deposit. :rolleyes:

Any renters out there with good experiences with agencies or particular newspapers or websites?

Any Dopers out there with a house for rent, preferably on the North Side and with 5 or 6 bedrooms? :smiley:

You might be luckier if you find a neighborhood paper in the area(s) you prefer! For instance, the EDGEWATER (Whatever)! I haven’t been back to Chicago for a few years, but the basic idea stands! Those Western Nigerians know of the main newspapers, and usually stick with them for higher volume trickery! I don’t know, there once was a time when you could trust people, not anymore! TWA

Thanks so much for your answer, but we’re (gladly) all settled and safe now. I’ll let a Moderator know they can close this old thread. :slight_smile:

zombie thread y’all. We’re fine now!

I’m glad you got your answer fast.