Anyone have a plot summary of Octopussy?

I tried looking for one on the 'net,. but I can’t find a good summary of Octopussy. I need one that is pretty detailed, although it can fall well short of Jabootu standards. But these 3-line deals aren’t helping. If anyone happens to locate one or wishes to print it, I’d be much abliged.

I suppose you have already tried IMDB? There is a short summary, but seems to be fairly in-depth. But then, I didn’t see the movie, so I really don’t know.

Evil Empire war hawk uses band of counterfeith jewelry babes to smuggle in fake jewelry–that is concealing an atomic bomb!!!. The bomb then is supposed to go off (making it seem as though the Americans set it off accidentally), provoking outrage amoung European nations, demanding Americans withdraw all soldiers, since they (the Americans) are not safe with their nuclear weapons. America would then withdraw, leaving the Fulda Gap open for Soviet tanks to roll unimpeded while France goes to the UN and demands sanctions be placed on the US.

OK, I added that last part.

It has a plot?

I think Octopussy is one of the better James Bond movies.
[sub]And no, it’s not because it is called Octopussy[/sub]

Althought that certainly helps. :smiley:

But to answer the OP. As Lyllyan said, the summaries on the IMDB seem to meet your standards.

I’m afraid it didn’t but I got help just the same from another source. Thank you very much for your consideration.