anyone have any stellar maps of Babylon 5?

Just wondering because its nearly impossible to find one, and even when I do, a legitimate one.

Much though I like Babylon 5, I fear that the geography is even less internally consistent than on Star Trek. The nearest jumpgate is always as close to or as far away from one’s destination as is convenient for the plot. About the only thing that seems to be agreed upon in all episodes is that Z’ha’dum is out on the Rim.

Stellar maps? I can’t even find any mundane ones.

Here’s somebody’s attempt to provide maps for Babylon 5 (and they point out that some of the information is contradictory)

Sounds like a Cafe topic, so off we go.

samclem GQ moderator

According to this site, based on figures given on the show, all the planets mentioned in it are located, and all the action in the series took place, within 100 light-years of Sol – IOW, within the single dot marking “Sol” on the galactic map! But I recall a scene where Morden summoned Londo to a meeting to settle some “bookkeeping” – and he had a holographic map of the galaxy, half in red and half in blue, and made clear that the Centauri would be free to rule the one, but the other was reserved for Mr. Morden’s “associates” – which puts the whole war on a completely different scale.

I guess we need SF TV writers who are more sophisticated about astronomy.