Jovian Sunspots?

Does anybody know how to make a drink called a Jovian Sunspot? It’s from a TV show called Babylon 5, and apparantly exists in real life too. A friend of mine made it at a party a couple of years ago, and I’ve not been able to find it online.

Try googling: Jovian Sunspots drink recipe
Here is one recipe:

Apparently there ia a book to answer all your B5 culinary questions?
Dining on “Babylon 5”
ISBN 0752211439
Stock Special Order
Title Dining on “Babylon 5”
Author Smith, Steve
Publisher Boxtree
Type Paperback
Year 1998

Good luck and Salute!
(BTW, I never watched the show)

Yeah, I know about the book, but in the last 5 minutes I’ve been unable to locate a place that sells it online.

Yaknow, you can fix that real easy :smiley:

Well Netflix has some available, should I catch up on it?

Yes. But for the love of God, be very wary of season 1. What you should do, is watch the first episode to get a feel for the characters, then watch just a few select episodes. Some that are either good, or needed for plot info are:

“Mind War” (not that good, but needed to get a feel for certain characters (Talia and Bester.)
“And the Sky Full of Stars” (more backstory on the history of the universe/a couple charactesr)
“Believers” (good insight into Dr.Franklin)
“Signs and Portents” (really needed for plot for later seasons)
“A Voice in the Wilderness Part 1 and 2” (needed for plot)
“Babylon Squared” (again, needed for plot/story. This and the last two (well, three since one is a two-parter) might be the most important episodes of season 1.)
“Quality of Mercy” (nice to ahve because hey…June Lockhart! Also not a bad episode in general, and sets up a couple plot devices used in later episodes)
“Chyrsalis” (VERY important. It’s needed to understand what is going on at the start of season 2)

And if you deicde to watch the whole season just for kicks, or what have you, still, whatever you do, do NOT, under any circumstances, watch “Infection.” EVER. It’s like a bad episode of Star Trek. I mean Voyager bad. “TKO” is also a very good one to avoid.

I’m a big fan of B5, but almost skipped it entirely because of the first season. If you’re a newby coming in, I’d suggest seeing the made-for-TV-movie In The Beginning which is well made and gives away certain “spoilers” from the first season, and then proceed to watch starting with the very last episode of the season, “Chrysalis”, mainly because it sets up Season 2.

Later, if you really get into it, go back and watch season 1.

Minor nitpick, but “In The Beginning” has various minor spoilers for the first 4 seasons of the show, mostly pertaining to the Earth Minbari War and various characters’ roles in it (IOW, it’s only spoilers for stuff that happens years before the show takes place).

But… TKO had the Zima sign!

I will refer to this post next time I work on my Netflix Q. I have to complete Soprano’s first. This could be my next series. Hopefully I will enjoy. I am a Sci-Fi Fan.

Personally, I would avoid “In the Beginning” until mid-way through season 4, since (IIRC) that’s when it was released. It actually has very large plot spoilers about important things that happen in later seasons. Including (jrfranchi don’t look):

Londo being emperor, the state of Centauri Prime, Delenn’s transformation, Sheridan and Delenn’s romance, a little bit about minbari and human souls being one, stuff about Sinclair, some stuff about rangers and the shadow war, etc…

Really not good for a newbie to watch right off the bat.

And it says somthing about the episode, that that was the best part. Well, the B storyline has some character development for Ivanova, but that’s unessential, and the A story was completely, totally stupid. It’s also the only B5 episode I know of which has absolutely no contact with the overarching storyline.

There are plenty that have no contact with the main storyarc. “Infection,” as I recall, also does not. “Grail” doesn’t seem to have any “main arc” connection, either. Even later seasons can have eps with little to no plot developement. “Knives” from season 2, “Sic Transit Vir” from season 3, and so forth.

Most have a line or two hinting at something, at least. Though I can’t think of anything specific from the episodes you mentioned off the top of my head. Then again, those episodes were actually, you know, good, so it doesn’t matter as much if they don’t have a connection.

Grail was worth it just for “No Boom today, Boom tommorow. There’s ALWAYS a Boom tommorow. … What? … BOOM!”

Knives, IIRC, has some nice character building/culture exposition for Londo and the Centauri republic. And swordfighting!

Sic Transit Vir has character development for Vir and basically updates the viewer on the Narn/Centauri situation (which is a recurring point of interest on the show). And also has that HILLARIOUS joke about the room full of angry Narns. :smiley:

Not as good as the Centauti lightbulb joke.

(Do they even still have lightbulbs in 2260?)

Not anymore, but during the HEIGHT of the Centauri Republic, MILLIONS of Centauri would build MILLIONS of lightbulbs at the Emperor’s merest whim! :cool: