Anyone have experience switching for a Mac to windows?

I have two computers right now, a Mac and a PC but the PC doesn’t have an OS on it yet. I only need one. I could get more for selling the Imac, but it’s a year old and the PC has slightly better specs.

I’ve used Macs all my life; as a kid I got them as hand-me-downs. I’ve used Windows some in college, but I’ve never owned a Windows computer. Has anyone has experience in switching from OS X to Windows? Did you regret it?

I’m no Apple zealot, but the main thing that worries me is the idea of the computer being vulnerable to malware. I can’t imagine living like that. (On the other hand, I’m sick of Apple sacrificing practicality and value for the sake of aesthetics. I use my computer; I don’t stand over it and jerk off while I measure its thickness with a micrometer.) I’m also wondering how long it would take to adjust, and if I would have difficulty in transferring all my stuff onto a PC (Itunes collection, Internet bookmarks, etc.)

I may have to have Windows for some school-related stuff anyway, but I could run Windows on the Mac these days and still use OSX for my personal day-to-day stuff.

I don’t know which version of Windows I would want to be putting on the PC. Its specs are plenty good for Vista though.

What practicality is sacrificed in a Mac? Other than play certain games there is nothing a PC can do that a Mac can’t. I switched from a PC to a Mac after a decade of tech support on both because I just got sick and tired of fixing PCs, and believe me you’ll fix them a lot. If you don’t mind having to reinstall the OS periodically, then go for it. I’d keep the Mac, but it depends on how much you need the money I suppose.

:confused: Why would you have to fix PCs a lot and reinstall the OS periodically? Assuming you start off with decent hardware and don’t do anything egregiously inappropriate to mess up the machine, that is.

(Disclosure: I work at a large software company based in Redmond, WA.)
riker1384, the standard question you should be concerned with is what applications you’ll need to use and what tasks you need to accomplish. Pick the appropriate OS that supports the appropriate applications for what you need to do. When I was in grad school, for example, I tended to tag-team between SGI boxes, Macs, and PCs depending on what I was working on.

All OSes have their own quirks, and there’s a learning curve to switching between them. But on the whole it shouldn’t be too big a deal one way or the other. IMO, if you have the time to get really het up about OSes, that’s a sign you’re not devoting enough time to real work.


On the malware front, Macs aren’t immune and aren’t more secure than windows PC’s on either the software nor the hardware front. Their saving grace is their minuscule market share.

On the PC as long as you have a virus protection program (and there are several really good ones available for free - Avast is my favorite right now) and a software and/or hardware firewall (one comes with windows, the other likely with your router) you are fine. Just use the common sense that you’ve probably applied to the Mac anyway: don’t open strange attachments, check executables before running, etc.

There’s no need to panic or worry. I know you’ve probably been told by Mac-fan boys that owning a PC is a sure fire way to not only get a computer virus but probably an STD too. Ignore them. PC’s with modern Os’s (XP and vista and soon windows 7) are secure, stable platforms with a more wide open, and customizable experience than any Mac.

You’ll also be saving money on hardware :slight_smile:

That’s such a moronic statement.
I’ll challange you to a little contest: I’ll pay you $1,000 for each example of a currently circulating Mac OS X attack you can find, if you pay me $10 for each Windows attack I find.


I think anyone reading my post, and then reading yours would find the question of “who is the moron” a very easy one to answer.

I’ll help you out by delineating my post:

  1. Macs are NOT safer platforms by virtue of safer software or safer hardware.

  2. Macs ARE safer by virtue of their tiny market share. Not many people take the time to compromise macs since the payoff for possibly compromising PC’s is orders of magnitude better.

This isn’t breaking news and I’m not making it up. It’s a well known state of affairs. If Mac had the 90+ market share and Pc’s the 5%, I guarantee that 1. PC’s would be much “hipper” and vogue, and 2. PC fan boys would be making ignorant, blanket statements about how PC’s are Sooo much more secure than Macs, not becuase of the obvious market share disparity, no, but simply due to magic. Infallible, superior magic.

I don’t see you taking up my offer.

You’re an imbecile.

And you don’t understand risk.

What do you expect to prove to the OP and people reading this thread with your wager? The only thing you’d show is the fact I already stated: PC’s higher market share = more attacks on the windows OS. Macs tiny market share = less attacks on Macs.

How will that disprove any of my statements?

Or in other words, when come back bring logic.

Double post.

The OP says:

You try to spin this by saying that the Mac has no inherent advantage over Windows, which ignores the fact that there are essentially zero current exploits for OS X, and tens of thousands for Windows (including the estimated 8.9 Million Downadup worm-infected machines right now). Now, who is doing who the disservice?

I’m not the one spinning things. I feel like I’m trying to argue With O’Reilly.

I pointed out, twice now, that there is no inherent advantage in terms of software or hardware. This is a fact. Talk to anyone in a technical field relating to computers and they’ll be happy to confirm.

I’ll provide even more evidence:,130061744,139241748,00.htm

For the final time: There is NO inherent advantage in terms of software and hardware.

But I never said that there WASN’T an advantage. I clearly pointed out the inherent advantage in market share. TWICE fer christ sakes.

I also mentioned, that with an up to date virus protections and firewall and some common sense you’re safe on a PC. I haven’t gotten a virus since 1999. And even then it was a single file that was quickly removed by my anti-virus app. And I’m a power user, constantly working with torrents, beta drivers, and strange attachments from clue less co-workers and family.

First of all, I’m in the field…
Secondly, here’s someone else who doesn’t agree:

Ok, so now you do agree that your previous nonsensical argument is toast, correct? That showing more attacks on windows OS did not prove that Mac was somehow less vulnerable, right?

Good, now we can move on to actually debating which software is more vulnerable. But if we do that, this thread either needs to be moved to GD or a new one needs to be created there. Feel free to do just that and we can then discuss it there.

I’d rather this thread not be moved, for the sake of the OP.

I’ve worked in graphic design for print for about 15 years, a field (one of the very few) still dominated by the Mac.

When I first started in the field, it was about 98% Mac, but over the years as the usage of home PCs spread rapidly and cheap, easy-to-use software convinced every Average Joe that they were graphic designers, most printing companies and service bureaus began to keep a PC around as a “just in case” measure. I had to learn from square one to use a PC after about 2 years of being exclusively Mac…and I loved it. When I was finally able to afford a computer to use at home, it was a PC. Reasons:

•The interface is easier to use.
•The file system is easier to understand.
•Three mouse buttons.
•Much easier to find a tech when it breaks (contrary to popular belief, Macs DO break).
•Much easier to find software (yeah, including games).
•Everyone owns a PC; easier to get advice, answers to questions, gadgets, etc. When most of the world drives a Chevy, I’m not one of the guys with a Citroen.

I know emotions run high in OS discussions, but this is inappropriate for IMHO, especially Kinthalis with the direct insult. Take it to the Pit if you want to exchange hostilities.

I’ve worked with Windows PCs since the very first version of Windows came out.

I’ve never had to reinstall my OS. Ever. Not once.

Currently have, lessee, 5 Windows PCs in the house. Never reinstalled the OS on any of them.

Anti-virus software and common sense work.

But this is misleading. The OP is concerned about viruses. The virus threat to Macs, whether by virtue of market share or technology, is virtually nil when compared to PCs.