Anyone have experience with CBD oil for senior dogs?

Ginger, my old lady puppy girl, is feeling every day of her 16 years. Her biggest issues are arthritis in one, or both, hips, and a tumor in her left shoulder. Her heart mumor has gotten worse, but is being controlled with medication (she’s been on it for years).

I know there hasn’t been many studies on CBD oill for canines, and most of the stories are anecdotal, but I’ve been thinking of trying it to help keep her calm and comfortable.

I was wondering if any other fur parents have experience, what you used, dosage, etc.

Anecdotal advice and recommendations from those who sell and/or promote CBD products aside, I found this article from the American Kennel Club that might be informative:

We’ve used it for our 16+ year old dog with arthritis. We use it in combination with a pain relief pill, in consultation with our vet. It does seem to help, mainly dealing with dog anxiety around the pain management. She just seems more relaxed, and mellow and able to deal with the difficulty in getting up and about.

Anecdotal to be sure, but…

Do mind giving me the brand you use, and any other info about it.

We found there were a LOT of brands around. Ironically, we tried a licensed store, but they are legally not allowed to sell for veterinary use, although they can sell to me.

What you’re looking for is something that does not have any THC in it at all. Much of the CBD for humans does have THC to some degree. Dogs do not tolerate THC well.
Organic is a plus.
Cold pressed is good.

Our brand is “Hemp 4 Paws”

In terms of dosage, we followed our vet’s advice: “Start low, go slow”. We give our dog much less than the companies recommended dose.

How much of the help do you attribute to the pain medication, and how much to the CBD?

Probably most to the pain medication, to be honest.

I think the CBD has mainly helped with anxiety and has made her just able to cope with the pain more.

If I had to put a wild-ass guess - 80% pain medication , 20% CBD.