Has anyone used CBD on their dog?

My dog, 11 years old, has some kind of cancer in his stomach. I should have a better explanation tomorrow when the pathology report comes back.

Right now he’s got not much of an appetite, but the vet thinks he’s not in any pain. He’s not eating much, though we’ve tried several top quality foods. Purina one, Nutrish, Peak, and Blue Buffalo. He’s lost 10 pounds over the last two months and that’s about 18% of his body weight.

I’m wondering if CBD oil would increase his appetite so he won’t lose weight so fast.

Any reports would be appreciated.

I have used it, but not for this problem. My anxiety-dog gets 6 CDB dogs buscuits a day (3 evening/3 morning) and it seems to be helping. I don’t know if it would help your pup. I can’t see that it would hurt.

Additionally, have you tried feeding him non-dog food? Like chicken breast, ground beef or other meat? You can add a can of salt-free mixed veggies and heat it up a bit, or add cottage cheese or yogurt. Dogs with low appetite, who are not interested in kibble of any sort, will often eat “real food”.

Yes, he will eat real food, particularly if fed at the table. Tonight he had fettuccine with some butter and pork brisket cut up on top. Tomorrow he’ll have some pulled chicken, no bbq sauce, and probably some more pasta mixed in. I’ve got a chuck roast in the freezer which I’ll be cooking Tuesday.

My brother gives CBD biscuits to his dog, but for different reasons. His dog (an adult rescue) has a lot of anxiety & gets aggressive sometimes with their other dog & sometimes with people. He tried all sorts of ‘Dog Whisperer’ type trainers, but nothing worked. The biscuits seem to leave him happy & chilled out. He did gain some weight after starting on them (my brother thinks 5lbs–he weighs 40lbs now) but he does sleep a lot more now & doesn’t play so aggressively with the other dog-my bro is not sure if it increased his appetite because they ‘free feed’ (aka always have food in the dog bowl) for 2 dogs, so it’s hard to measure. But I definitely think it’s worth a try for your pup. Good luck!

Thanks. There’s a place in town selling CBD products. I’ll stop in tomorrow and see what they’ve got.

Yes, I made CBD biskits for my cancer dog (liver) and it really seemed to help him with pain and appetite. I made the biskits with plenty of peanut butter and bacon grease so he never turned one down. About 30mg/biskit, 50 lb dog.

The free feeding part definitely depends on dog breeds or genetics. Certain dogs, if you give unlimited food, will just eat & eat & eat and have no idea when to stop. (because to them, “stop eating” just does not compute.)

I’m babysitting my son’s dog at the moment and she does not have a stop point for food at ALL. She had access to the cat food for way too long and blew up to Hindenburg proportions–now she gets fed twice a day, no snacks and she gets a lot of exercise playing with my hooligans. She almost has a waist again!

Interesting thread. I’ve never heard of CBD. I had to look it up.

A few weeks ago, I met a kooky lady who off-handedly said,* “Mix some hemp oil with blah blah blah. It cures cancer.”* while talking about dogs.

I just assumed she was nuts.

My coworker’s wife is selling CBD oil through an MLM. She is constantly making FB posts on how CBD oil cures this & that. I am pretty sure it’s all bullshit.

We gave one of our dogs CBD for perceived anxiety and could not perceive any effect at all.

How are you supposed to know the correct dosage, though? I find it’s difficult to titrate for effect among the many edibles we have in CA. One gummy might have 10mg of THC and you’re supposed to eat two; I find a quarter of one gummy does me fine, thanks. Similarly with CBD, 10mg conks me out; I don’t know what 30mg would do and I weigh three times the dog mentioned upthread.

I bought some CBD dog chews today. They are supposed to be 5mg and derived from organically grown hemp. He’ll get his chemotherapy pills today as well, so I’ll see how that goes.

If there are any observable results I’ll report back. Though with the chemo and the CBD I’m not sure what to expect. I did ask the Vet oncologist about the CBD and his answer was “Why not? Can’t hurt.”

Has anyone heard about CBD for epileptic dogs?

Is CBD OK for cats? Noir Kitty is very afraid of people and we’re expecting company in November. Given his past, it would be nice to be able to give him something to mellow him out a bit.

I’ve got my dogs chemo Ned’s, two pills to be given with food. But now he’s not interested in any food. Pork, nope, chicken nope.

Additionally,he has no interest in the CBD dog treats either.

I’m getting discouraged myself.

My vet is having me treat my cat with CBD oil for his kidney issues so it can be used in cats. I’d check with your vet to see what kind of dosage you’d need. My cat is only getting one drop in the morning and one in the evening.

I haven’t noticed him mellow out any but it is helping his kidneys.

I don’t know about CBD oil but my dog was put on mirtazapine when he stopped eating. It helped a lot.

Yeah, tried that in the past to little effect.

Dang, I was gonna suggest mirtazapine - we took in an obese cat who stopped eating due to his move. (This quickly leads to fatal liver failure in cats.) Those tiny pills gave him the munchies man!

Hope things turn around for your lil’ buddy. :frowning: