Anyone have Master of Orion 3 yet?

It was supposedly released today…I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow, or else I’d go find a copy and play it all day and night.

I’m waiting to play a demo first. I’m not sure if I’m going to like the changes yet. Does anyone know if they will even off a demo?

I’m planning to get it today - if the snow doesn’t delay the delivery.

Has anyone seen it in stores?

Unfortunately, I don’t get off until after all the stores are closed. Tomorrow morning I’ll be searching for it.

Not yet, but I just cashed in my “poor me, I’m sick and I’m booooorrrreeed” card to Mr. Athena, who promptly ran to Wal*Mart to buy MOO3 for me. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they have it.

Wal-Mart! That’s the ticket. They will still be open when I get off work…

EBX at Fair Oaks Mall has some. :slight_smile:

Got it today. Had to get the folks at Best Buy ( Emeryville ) to search in back, where they pulled it out of the shipping box, not yet price-marked.

Hardly have spent much time with it, but let me tell you all those comments about a steep learning-curve weren’t kidding ;).

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Bah. Wal*Mart didn’t have it. Hubby came home with SimCity 4, which will at least keep my attention for a little while.

Women who play computer games?!? SimCity and MOO3 over Windows Solitaire?!?

That’s impossible! Is this some kind of strange, backwards Bizarro-World?

[sub]Where can I get me one?[/sub]

If it weren’t for my other charms (playin’ snookum & hide-the-sausage, cooking, looking cute, etc) I’m pretty sure I’d be up for sale based solely on my love of computer games. Mr. Athena hates 'em. Or, rather, he hates my favorite one, which takes up altogether too much of my time. He’s lately figured out that buying me NEW ones usually diverts my attention from Evercrack for a few days at least. Fine with me, 'specially now that I’m mad at EQ.

'sides, I’m not the only girl who likes computer games. There’s plenty others here on the SDMB.

/raises her hand

My hubby hates EQ as well because of the time I spent/spend on it (I quit for a year and a half), but I got him addicted to Neverwinter Nights now - between that and our PS2, he’s got stuff to keep him occupied. :wink:

Games played recent-ish: EQ, DAoC, beta’d AC2, NWN, Morrowind.

I’ve been playing out my addiction to 1602 A.D. lately. The prequel is due out soon, but seeing as how the advertisement came packaged with SimCity 4, and my computer can’t even run that, I really have little hope of enjoying it without an upgrade.

Of course, with all the talk in the office lately about the American Revolution, I may find myself playing Sid Meier’s Colonization here shortly anyway.

I haven’t posted much because I’ve spent app. 20 hours playing MoO3 (maybe more, I lose count) since I bought it THursday afternoon. Steep learning curve is right - I was still having to find out how to do stuff after playing it 11 hours. It’s got a lot of depth, but it’s not immediately apparent because the way it does the micromanagement for you. Once you learn the controls, and then learn the rhythm of the game and all the little tricks you use to keep things going smoothly, it is a huge amount of fun, as you can effectively run a large and complex empire and have time for fun things like waging war, exploring, political manevuering, and spying on the other races.