Master of Orion 3 review!!!


… Hopefully this review will be better than that long-winded (and yet rather pointless) preview on Apolyton…


I spemt far too much time on MOO2. This does not bode well for my social life…

That guy doesn’t have the game; he’s just some 12-year-old asshole making stuff up. :mad:

Heh heh, actually it was me, having a fit of pranksterism. I’m surprised it’s still up, and that it hasn’t got any ratings yet.

Here’s a real review to make up for my dumb joke:

There’s also a big and not terribly informative preview at

Heh heh. That was funny.

If anyone needs an ambassador to the Elerian empire, I’ll be glad to send you a list of my qualifications.

The Elerians are not available as a playable race in MoO3, they are one of the various small independent races that you can colonize and recruit from.

‘Colonize’ and ‘Recruit’ the Elerians.

Hm. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard those euphamisms for getting it on.
[sub]I know. I’m being very puerile today. Deal with it.[/sub]