Anyone have trouble on a server other than a 'dot com'?

I’ve noticed I can’t post at work anymore. . . (I’ll plead the 5th from here on out).

Strangely, I’ll take a few minutes at lunch to peruse the boards, and sometimes make a reply. But in the past few days, I’ve been caught in what seems a loop in the system.

In one case, I had to login to reply, then re-login to preview, then re-login again, only to have my post come up with the You have specified an invalid thread. Please notify a webmaster. This happens all the time, with variable steps to post, preview, you get the idea. Basically, I’m stonewalled. . .

Weird. I know we have international Dopers out there, and I’m wondering if this is a unique thing to my server. Anyone got any ideas?

If you know what I do for a livin’, you can guess fairly well what domain my server’s addressed to.

Sounds to me like something to do with cookies. Questions - what are your settings in user cp -> options concerning browsing the board with cookies and automatically logging in? Are you behind some kind of firewall at work? What operating system / browser version are you using when you post from work?

Also see new “sticky” thread in this forum.

Well, I’ve got my cookies on, but I can say that we simply have to be behind a firewall (gubmint computer network and all . . .). I use IE 5.X at work, and had been doing well with it, up until the crash.

Something tells me it has to do with the firewall. Maybe the new software requires cookies that our firewall won’t allow?

I have to e-mail myself to remind me of all the things I want to post during the day. :rolleyes: