Still Getting Logged Out Unexpectedly

Perhaps I am being an idiot and missing something (in fact, it’s very likely) but about a quarter of the time when I try and post, and hit submit, I am told that I’m not currently logged in.

I have clicked yes on “browse board with cookies,” I have yes on “Automatically login when I return to the site.” When I show up at the board, says “Welcome back, amarinth.” Above the subject line it correctly identifies my name as “Logged in user”
But, after pressing “submit” I’m told that I’m not logged in and cannot post. When I enter my username and password into the conveniently provided form, it then tells me that I haven’t specified a thread to post in so my post is lost.

I’m using IE 5.5 on a Windows 2000 machine. Cookies are enabled.

Any idea what’s wrong, anyone?

Sounds like the cookie is corrupted and not working properly, as everything else appears to be in order.

Try logging off (both the board and online), deleting the cookie file, then return to the SDMB, log in and accept the new cookie.

your humble TubaDiva

It’s still somewhat of a mystery to me why so many people are getting logged out unexpectedly, so I still go with the explanation provided by vBulletin and referenced in the sticky thread on this subject in ATMB. Please read that thread if you haven’t already.

We do know that logging in from the quick reply box has that behaviour. If you were on the “post reply” page then you would have been correctly logged in and the post would have been added to the proper thread.

You do have the following set to yes in your user options, I hope?
Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies)
Browse board with cookies?

Also do what TubaDiva said, of course.