Problems with staying logged in

Just recently I have been having problems concerning being logged in. I go through the process of logging in and the SDMB even thanks me for doing so. But, if I try to post a reply to a thread, I’m told by the SDMD that I can’t post because I am not logged in.

What’s up with that? Other than making me angry.

I believe if you check the “Remember me” box when logging, you’ll not me logged out before you’re ready.


Just my $7.48.

Well, my computer is part of a network and the “remember me” thing has been checked repeatedly. But it refuses to “remember me.” It is not a big chore for me to enter my user name and password but it does irritate me when the SDMB tells me I haven’t logged in, often within minutes of the time that I did, in fact, log in.

This is most likely an issue with cookies.

What browser and OS are you using?
Have you tried using a different browser?
When did this start happening?
Did you install any adblocking or cookie blocking/deleting software recently?
Does your network have an unconventional setup?
Does your IP change during a session?

I don’t know and I don’t know to discover this information.

For what it’s worth, this computer is ancient and as far as computers go, it would be useful as a doorstop but that is about it. It is a Dell OptiPlex GX110; it is now running Windows XP but it started life running Windows 2000. It still has Office 2000 installed.
I know it is worthless but until my divorce is final, I don’t know what my financial picture will be—my best guess is that it will be bleak. I might be stuck with this computer for some time to come.

If it’s happening on multiple browsers, it might be an issue with the network, or with some software installed on your machine. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to test out all the options without physically being on your machine.

What you could do to make it easier to log back in is have Firefox remember your password, so you don’t have to type it in each time.

Firefox does remember my password and I have only to type the first two letters of my user name before a little box pops up with my complete name in it. It hit the return key and I get the old familiar welcome to the SDMB thanks for logging in message. So far, so good. The problem is that, often enough, if I try to post something just a few minutes later, the SDMB tells me I can’t post because I am not logged in. Sometimes this happens within just a few minutes after the SDMB has expressed its undying gratitude to me because I have just logged in. It’s beginning to irritate the hell out of me; first it says thanks and then it says sorry, you ain’t logged in. I either are or I ain’t; I just want some damn consistency.

If you’re up for it, do you want to try another browser and see if it works? I’m not sure it will work, but there’s always a possibility. Try Opera:

The other advantage in Opera is that it remembers both your username and password, so you don’t have to type the first two letters of your username. Just make sure to save the password the first time it asks.

I had this problem several weeks ago and after running the free program CCleaner I don’t. Of course correlation does not prove causation and the plural of anecdote is not data, but it might help.

I tried it after Liberal recommended it for a different yet not entirely dissimilar problem.

I’ve suddenly (well, within the past week or so) had the same problem, but only with Firefox (the browser on my work computer). I can log in just fine, but I won’t stay logged in for very long (certainly not if I happen to navigate away from the SDMB and come back later).

I’ve not noticed the problem on my home computer (which uses IE).

This started with me a week or two ago too. But only on my work pc.

Maybe our offices use the same website blocking software and it’s started logging us out. Or something…

It’s on IE for me and I stay logged in until I leave the site but then it forgets, even if I’ve ticked remember.

Maybe so, though I’m on several other message boards, and am not having the same problem on those. Hmm…

Interesting. I do use CCleaner but I have it set to remember cookies for Firefox. And I don’t use it but maybe once per month and the problem is happening much more often than that. I’m getting older every day and my memory is failing me but I think this did not happen until the Roadrunner expert set up the two computer network----I can’t swear to that, though. I think my soon to be ex wife put a curse on my computer----did you other guys make her mad about something?