Why Do I Get Logged Out Against My Will?

It seems that now, whether I’m at work or home, if I log in to the SDMB, and just read things for a while, and then try to post, it says I’m not logged in, demands a user name and password, and forgets everything I’ve typed in my post. This is just plain annoying (not to mention very unprofessional on the SDMB’s part).

Why? How do I make it stop?

This is probably some old cookie on your computer from back in the day when cookie files on the SDMB logged off after 15 minutes.

Try removing said cookie from your system and rebooting and returning to the board with a new cookie. This should take care of the problem.

As I said, it happens on various computers; even computers at the public library, that I’ve never used. It’s not about cookies. Please think again.

When you log in at home, do you click “remember me?” or whatever it is on this board?

When you’re on a library computer, the board has no idea who you are. It would automatically ask you to log in.

Yeah, are you checking the “Remember Me” box there with your login?

If not, that WILL log you out.

Of course you don’t want to click that box when you’re reading from a public location.

Two things…no, three things:

  1. When you log out, all the cookies are automatically removed.
  2. I usually don’t check “Remember Me,” but that’s irrelevent; in the past, it never affected my log in in this way.
  3. Of course it asks me to log in at the library. I would never expect otherwise.

It’s just something that has changed for no perceivable reason in the last month or two. In fact, I’m prettry sure this post will not go through, and I’ll have to copy it, and log in again, and paste it, even though I’m already logged in! Please to still explain.

So, did your prediction come true?

Check your browser preferences to make sure that cookie settings have not been changed somehow. This is the sort of behaviour one would expect when the browser is set to disallow all cookies, or cookies from a particular site.

Again, this is good advice when it deals with one computer. I’m talking about a problem that happens on any computer I use.

E-mail your password to one of the admins and see if they can figure out if there’s something goofy with your account, maybe?

From this, we can really only conclude only that it was irrelevant in the past. Maybe something has changed? It’s worth trying - see what happens when you check the box.

BTW, this happens to me, on another message board, so I’d be interested in knowing how you finally get it sorted out. Good luck. :slight_smile:

It hasn’t happened recently, so maybe the hamsters just got distracted by some passing processed cheese spead. I’ll wait and see.

Yes, it did, but…

It hasn’t happened recently, so maybe the hamsters just got distracted by some passing processed cheese spread. I’ll wait and see.