SDMB keeps logging me out

Starting today I have to log in to SDMB every time I use it. Is this happening to anyone else? Is it a problem with cookies expiring, or is it something else?

Two things come to mind here:

  1. When you log in there should be a box to the right that says “Remember Me.” Please check that box.

  2. If you have the “Remember Me” box checked and you are still having this problem, chances are your cookies are corrupted. Clear your cache and start over again.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem.

If anyone else is having this problem I would appreciate hearing from you, please.

your humble TubaDiva

Could be a corrupted cookie. Delete and log in again.

What web browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome on Windows 7.

Things are working better. Thanks to TubaDiva for reminding me to check “Remember Me.” Still, there’s the question about why it logged me out in the first place.

I was having this problem with the board on my iPhone.

Turns out, I’d accidentally turned on private browsing and not realized it.