Anyone hear about an earthquake that just struck not too long ago?

Off the coast of California?

I’m at a college, so I don’t have TV or Radio available. And this comp blocks most sites. That includes a lot of news ones, for some reason…

They don’t believe a tsunami has been generated.

Thank you both. Well, that’s good then.

I forget how immense this state is sometimes, despite having lived here all my life.

First I see 7.0 earthquake in California, and wonder how I didn’t feel it. Then I look to see where the heck Crescent City is. Just shy of 800 miles away from me, apparently.

I considered Sunday’s little quake down here in Southern California enough of a reminder that we’re in temblor territory – you folks up north can have the big ones.

I gave you the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center link. But I guess really it was the West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center’s call.

Southern California, Chile, Alaska, and [. We might need [url=]Kim Delaney and Carlos Bernard](>Crescent City[/url) sooner than we thought.

Shoulda known I’d screw that up.

Southern California, Chile, Alaska, and Crescent City. We might need Kim Delaney and Carlos Bernard sooner than we thought.

I live in Eureka, 90 miles from the epicenter.

We didn’t feel the earthquake (and a 7.X is a LARGE quake). My in laws did, they live about a mile away from us. We can see the water from our front porch so bundled the kids into the car and went to the inlaws house for about an hour until the tsunami warning cleared.

Phone lines were completely tied up here, couldn’t call out on cell or landline for about 1/2 hour. Lots of people were worried, but are now glad it was a non-event. And we found out we could get ourselves and both kids into the car, pulling out of the driveway, in about 7 minutes.


I live on the coast of Washington state, and we were preparing to evacuate the city. By the time all the officers were together to begin the evacuation, the Tsunami Warning Center cancelled the watch/warning.

Sometimes it’s fun living on the Pacific Ocean!!

Have you guys ever been evacuated because of a possible tsunami before? (I’m in So Cal, far enough inland that a tsunami is not a reality.) In other words, any indication that we’re now exhibiting a new and heightened response to earthquakes (i.e., tsunami warnings) because of what happened in December?

That’s really poorly phrased. I’ll think about what I mean and come back, unless someone can clean that up for me.

We (Hawaii) had a tsunami warning back in 94 or 95. The sirens went off, people evacuated. I didn’t evacuate even though I live only 6 blocks from the ocean. I’m outside of the danger area and 13 stories up so I didn’t have to. In the low lying places lots more people left. But it was only a few inches high and they figured it out pretty quickly. Even though we were hit bad in the 40s and 60s a lot of people have forgotten. When the next tsunami comes the Indian ocean tsunami will have saved lives.