Anyone heard of Personalized Depression Therapy by Dr. James N. Herndon?

I just found out about this form of therapy for depression, and i sent away for a free ebook the author wrote (that will probably never arrive), but i can’t find any info on google about this subject.

Does anyone know what it is about? how it works? what the central tenets are?

Some info on the author here. Not the same book, probably, but the theory is interesting all the same.

yeah, thats where i got the info about the subject from another post i made.

He says he will give you a free ebook if you ask him for it, but i doubt i will ever see it. I found out what the main idea of PDT is, but not much else. Sounds like another half assed theory though.

It’s interesting, it had me reading it with widening eyes – then blew it out of the sky with the Star Wars reference. Maybe just another pop culture depression cure theory. Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help tonight.