Anyone heard of the Pork Dukes? ('70s punk)

I got a Pork Dukes CD as Christmas present from my brother last year. I am not a punk music fan. The cover features a crude drawing of a woman fellating an anthropomorphic pig. “Won’t that look lovely under the tree,” my brother thought, apparently.

Actually, my brother got it for me because of a possible connection between the Pork Dukes and Steeleye Span, a British folk band that is one of my all-time favorite groups. The Wikipedia entry says it was rumored that the Pork Dukes were Steeleye Span performing incognito… but if I read the article correctly, there is no actual connection between the two.

I’d been putting off listening to this thing for fear it was just going to be 70 minutes of feedback and cursing, but I’ve finally given it a spin and it’s actually okay. It seems to be a parody of punk rather than a real band… kind of of a punk Spinal Tap. Probably still not my cup of oolong, but kind of fun and interesting.

Anyone heard of these guys?

Yep - I’ve heard of them, but never listened to them. I kind of make punk history a bit of a hobby, so I read quite a bit about punk bands, and I have heard their name more than once.

I thought they were just another one of the kind of bands which take offensiveness to another level - not that I have any problem with that… After all, I can get a laugh out of some Meatmen & Mentor songs, although some of them make me a little squirmish.

There is indeed a connection: the Pork Dukes were a spinoff of prog rockers Gnidrolog, and PD drummer “Germun LePig” is an anagram for Nigel Pegrum, who played with both Steeleye Span and Gnidrolog.

Man, I love the Dope… two quick hits on what – as near as I can tell – is a pretty obscure group.

I never would have realized that Germun LePig = Nigel Pegrum… thanks, Biffy. Obviously it’s a bit silly to value having a CD for any other reason than to enjoy listening to the music on it, but the collector in me is pleased to own an album I can link to Steeleye.