Favourite Fake Bands

Here’s my top 5 Fake Bands of all time (I’m going to pass on Spinal Tap and The Monkees, as IMHO they actually transcended their Fake Band roots and became, to some extent at least, Real Bands)…

5 Neat Guys - clean cut nostalgia act from SCTV. Best song: Who Made the Egg Salad Sandwiches?

N.W.H. - the rap version of Spinal Tap from the movie Fear of a Black Hat. Best song: My Peanuts

Nada - totally cool all girl band from the movie Get Crazy (actually, Lee Ving from Fear sings one of their two songs). Best song: I’m Not Going To Take It

The Dukes of - XTC’s uberpsychedelic alterego. Best song: My Love Explodes

Mayhem - the out of hand punk band from Quincy (I should also give a nod to Pain from C.H.I.P.S.). Best song: Get Up (I Wanna See You Choke)

So, what are yours? If you need a memory bump let me suggest The Rocklopedia Fakebandica.

Damn! Make that The Dukes of Stratosphear

I previewed and everything :mad:

I nominate The Rutles.

Billy & The Boingers.

Steel Dragon. Woo hoo!

Hey, hey, Bad News

And their #1 hit* U Really Stink But I :heart: U

    • #1 on Billboard’s Electric Tongue charts, of course.

Scum Of The Earth from WKRP in Cincinnati.

Yes, I know they were a real band, but the real band certainly didn’t behave like they did in that episode, which was hysterical.

“Why don’t you ask Dog about his musical training?”
“Tell me about your musical training.”
“I have none.”
And of course, Jet Screamer from The Jetsons

“Eep! Op! Ork! Ah! Ah!!”

The Dregs of Humanity, from, I think, an old Jason Bateman sitcom called “It’s Your Move”. The Dregs actually performed on the show, and even gave an interview, but they weren’t real. They were skeletons, “borrowed” from the school science lab, dressed in metal gear, and worked from backstage like puppets.

And there are many (most, probably) of the bands listed in this SNL skit as having songs on the soundtrack for the movie Valentine. My favorites are “Gravel Fork” and “Mr. Hameye”, although “Pi Eating Contest” is pretty good too.

The Nowtones (the MP3 can be found here). (To clarify – the actual band was Blotto, and “(We are) the Nowtones” was their song.)

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (house band from The Muppet Show)

Conrad Birdie.



What about fake boy bands?

2gether from MTV and Dudez a Plenti from Conan (Baby…I wish you were my baby. I’ll make you make a baby…baby!).

Gorillaz, and the band from my very own comic, Battersea Powerstation

I’ll show my age here, but “one of the original” if not, the original fake bands The Archies with their #1 1969 hit “Sugar, Sugar”.

Mystic Spiral
The Bugaloos
Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem

The Partridge Family. Same big money songwriters and production values as the Monkees. When they say “C’mon Get Happy” I do!

Simon and Milo (if you’re in Canada they’re know as Prozzak. A cartoon band started by two members of the Philosopher King, IIRC)
Josie and the Pussycats
DuJour (from the Josie movie)

And of course:

Spinal Tap

D’oh! Forgot The Stains from the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains”.

(And double d’oh! for mentioning Spinal Tap when the OP had disqualified them.)

The One-ders

the Candy Slice Group

Does Milli Vanilli count?