Best band names ever

I love you but I’ve chosen darkness

Planes mistaken for stars

Now appearing at Cleveland Auditorium …
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

With special guests … Color Me Confused.

Do these have to be real names?

Years ago, during the internet’s infancy, found two huge lists of potential band names on the web. The best name on the list?

Oedipus & The Motherfuckers

Wink wink & the Youbetchas!

Jehovah Witness Protection Program
That one’s mine…

Real band: Fuckpriest Fantastic. That rulez on so many levels…

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Tonto’s Expanding Headband

Trespassers William

I think if you want to be proper it would be ‘Jehovah’s’.

I’ve always been partial to, “Chainsaw Kittens”.

‘Trophy Husbands’.

silenus ‘Black Tape for a Blue Girl’ is definitely a great band name. I saw them live once. Just as the name sounds it’s great music to slit your wrists to.

From a *National Lampoon *article entilted “What to Name Your Band” (see if you can guess where I came up with my user name):

Cowboy Bob and the Jackbatties.

I have yet to find one to top


It’s a Canadian band.

It’s also a Canadian thing.
Dr. Henry Morgentaler operated one of the first known abortion clinics in Quebec.
Which makes the whole thing kind of ironic.

real band now defunct : Uncle Daddy

One band I was in decided to follow the “Love Tractor” route - that’s the name of an actual band - basically take two words that make no sense together, but sound like they should with a vaguely sexual connotation. We came up with Parallel Mayonnaise

Another non-muso friend of mine desperately wanted to be in a band growing up and so he, his brother and some friends made up a fictional band and filled in their own made-up history. That band was Pornstar Mustache

Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives has my vote.

Big Monster Love*

*That’s my own stage name.

Urban Lunchmeat.

That was the name of my team one summer at soccer camp.

Real band: Sexecutioner

Potential names: Mother and the Tuckers

Tom Snot and the Vomits

The Dead Gay Poet Soldiers Of World War One.

Made up just now:

Gonnorhea and the Clappers.

Some imaginary

The Psycho Babies.
Patio Decor
The Post-Mortem Lovers
Dick Rot And The Syphalitics

Some real

The Stone Roses
You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath
The Dead Kennedy’s
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band