Anyone heard the new Pet Shop Boys album?

I don’t really have a sense of whether anyone likes them or not on the board, but if the Belle and Sebastian thread can get 20 responses (yay!), I’m sure there are some people who like PSB.

So, has anyone heard Release yet? What do you think? At first, I wasn’t huge on it, but it’s grown on me after a few listens. It’s a lot more mellow than some of their other albums–apparently, Johnny Marr (of the Smiths) played guitar on quite a few tracks. My favorite song is definitely “Here.” I can’t wait to hear any remixes that they might do of it.

They’re touring this May to support it, too…they’re not coming too near me, although I wouldn’t mind going to Toronto to see them.

There’s a new PSB album?!?!?!

::footsteps running to garage::

::car peeling out of driveway to record store::

(Just kidding…I’ll order it from Amazon of course!)