Anyone here a fan of the show "Girls"?

Just wanted to talk to others about their thoughts on the show. I’m enjoying the 4th season so far. What do you think of this season as well as the show in general?

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I love the show. The character development is much deeper and complex than your typical sitcom, the acting is first rate and the lack of a laugh track or studio audience is very much appreciated.

Hannah is just full of herself. She fancies herself the voice of her generation but so often we see how vulnerable and flawed she is. One of the things I hate about the show is that we see her naked too often and her tattoo is beyond gross. But Lena Dunham’s acting, directing, and writing is first rate. I think she has a future beyond this show, but not in front of the camera.

Jenna’s character is in some ways the most interesting. What a brutally honest person when it comes to pointing out what others don’t see. Of course, she has a lot of issues herself.

Marnie, besides being drop-dead gorgeous, also has a fascinating character. She has this need for approval and an appetite for men. When her singing partner left his gf for her, at first she was mortified that he dumped her pre-emptively, but then she had this wicked I don’t care I win smile. Pure primal satisfaction on her face. Great actress. Just wish she’d let herself be filmed topless.

Soshana is probably the least developed character. Wish they’d do more with her role.

Adam is another wonderfully complex character. Love the acting in this role.

I watch it. I often find myself frustrated with the characters and thinking “Ugh, why do I watch this show?!” but then I realize that they are supposed to be awful and we’re not supposed to love them.

I am really liking season 4, too. I can’t put my finger on why it’s standing out for me. Maybe because I’ve learned how to watch it?

I watched the first three seasons. At first reluctantly but then in the same way that some people love to look at a gruesome car crash.

Can’t bring myself to watch another season.

With the exception of the coffee shop owner dude and Adam, I find the characters objectionable in every way. I also happen to think that Dunham is a highly overrated one trick pony and I am waiting until the show’s fans come to that realization. It may take a few more seasons of her neurotic self-important dreck for people to reach this conclusion.

I understand why it’s polarizing but I like it.

Yeah, I think season 4 has a lot of things in it that I can relate to, particularly because I am going through a lot of large life changes as Hannah and the other girls are right now. Although I have enjoyed every season there has been something particularly great about season 4. There have been parts that are so so true-to-life and parts that just make me laugh out loud. The episode where Hannah quits school in Iowa and comes back to New York to find Mimi Rose and Adam together was one of the best episodes of the show ever I thought.

Can you tell me how you find the characters objectionable in every way? I’ve noticed a lot of people have major problems with how much they hate the characters and how detestable they think they are. Although I do not agree with some of their actions, I find them much more relatable than they are detestable. At times they’re selfish or immature, but that is what makes you feel sympathy for them (at least for me) because I understand where they are coming from. So overall, although they annoy me sometimes, I like them much more than I dislike them.

Or maybe we just enjoy the show. There’s nothing that needs realizing. We see the same thing you do. We like it. Or find more of it to like than not.

Nah, that’s what makes them unlikeable. Which I don’t consider a negative because I find their unlikeability entertaining. But their extreme self-centeredness is exactly why they’re unpleasant. Jessa being especially awful.

I’ve seen a few episodes here and there. It strikes me as one of those shows where you either love it or you hate it. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of middle ground.