Anyone here actually get a question answered by Unca Cece?

Speak up, so that we may bow down before you. Provide links, if ya can.


I e-mailed Cecil a question a couple of years ago (having to do with his assistant, Jane) and she responded to me. It wasn’t published, though. But I did get a timely answer, which I thought was very nice.

No bow, but a nod of respect for missbunny :slight_smile:

I started a MPSIMS thread last August entitled “What Color is Your Toothbrush?”

Cecil swooped in within minutes, and made it as the fifth response, just after Alphagene, manhattan, David B, and tomndebb.

His toothbrush, I seem to recall, is green.

RM Mentock got a question answered about the Chandler wobble. He’s one of the better space-physics types here, may I add.

I asked the question about the Candiru catfish many, many months ago.

When some other dipstick asked it recently, he answered that one.

Here’s a thread where Cecil answered:

Does Cecil get any useable answers in these forums?

Uke, I can’t seem to find that toothbrush thread anywhere-- I’ve tried every possible combination I can think of in “search”: Toothbrush in topic in MPSIMS, Cecil in MPSIMS, you, Alphagene, manhattan, David B, tomndeb, and Cecil in the same thread anywhere, etc. Any hints on where we might find it? I suspect it may have gotten lost somehow in the switch to vB… :frowning:

I tried looking under Uke, who seems obsessed with floss and toothbrushes, but couldn’t spot the one in question.

and his “green” brush was really stamped “Red” on the handle.

Goddammit! The dental floss thread was started by **UncleBeer! ** Aside from Usernames that begin with “U,” we have absolutely NOTHING in common. Except that we’re both the very Devil with the ladies.

Amazingly enough, I’ve had questions answered by both Cecil ( Is it illegal to take newborns home from the hospital without naming them first? ) and his lovely assistant Jill over at the mailbag ( Is rennet made from calves’ stomachs?). Does this make me a super-newbie? :smiley:

I think many columns in which Cecil posted were among the first to be archived, and the archives haven’t been seen since the days of UBB. Also, Jab1 had his question about the Japanese soldiers holding out on Pacific islands for decades after the war was over answered by Cecil.

Impressive, Serendipity.

I’m just shooting from the hip here, as I don’t have a reference, but didn’t Jillgat get an answer from Cecil (in a column)?

The toothbrush thread is in IMHO now. Someone just bumped it up. Now that I think about it, “Guy Stuff” was the only archived MPSIMS thread, IIRC.

waterj2: Really? So there’s no evidence?

Okay, then, I really did start that thread. And Cecil really did answer. And his toothbrush really is green. Oh, and I started that flossing thread too. And Cecil’s responded to seventeen other scintillating questions of mine, all of which have unfortunately vanished in the deleted archives, each with grace and good cheer and a polite demeanor. And I look just like Clark Gable in his prime, and have had sex with top supermodels.

I believe the archives do exist, but they are just lost or something. So all claims you make as to their contents do have a chance of being verifiable. The dental floss thread is not archived, so your lies about it are easily checkable. And I think the current toothbrush color thread is a new one, not the original.

I’ve had not questions, but two responses published by Cecil (including one correction!!!).

Here they are:
Naming babies before they leave the hospital
Can you write a cheque on any old piece of paper?

And a Mailbag question of mine was answered:
Why are brides supposed to wear “something old, something new,” etc.?

Ya know, in retrospect, I should have been skeptical about that claim… I mean, he remembers when he started the thread, and who the first five posters were, in order, but he only “seems to recall” the actual answer given by the Great One? Sounds like a rather odd case of selective memory, to me.

Of course, if I had wanted to look really smart, I would have brought this up before Ike confessed…

My impatience usually ends up getting the best of me. So I usually do the research and post my own answers.