Who has talked to Cecil?

Ok not directly but who has had a question answered in the column? It’s been a while since I asked a question directly to the master but I did get one in the column. Sort of. In the library I was flipping through what was supposed to be a reference book, it was called something like The Encyclopedia of Crime (it’s been a while) when I came across the item that said John Dillinger was not killed in front of the theater as reported. He got away. It was written like it was a known fact. I sent the particulars to Cecil in an email and a short time later this column appeared. Unfortunately Cecil did not use my question or cite me at all. Someone else must have asked a similar question at the same time. I did get an email thanking me for my question and informing me that it was being answered in the column. Anyone else? Getting an answer in a Staff report counts too but the points are lower.

I had a mystical vision of Cecil, once. He was 100 feet tall, & told me to run for President.
And then, the Cough Medicine the doctor prescribed wore off.

I’ve never spoken with Cecil directly, but I have twice posted comments that have disturbed him from his normal zen-like state of abstraction, causing him to humble me with responses. Sarcastic responses, of course, but responses nonetheless.

See this thread: Mathers, Denver both alive for the most recent Event, which also has a link to the earlier Event.

Truly, I am blessed.

I’ve asked “Cecil” any number of questions but no reply, alas.

I talk to Cecil all the time. He just never answers.

It would help if he were in the room. Or knew I was speaking to him in the first place. Bah! That’s just an extra challenge! I’m determined.
Cecil, can you hear me?*

:eek: That is very impressive. Twice!

I emailed him once offering to help research something and got a reply of no thanks. Years ago.

Back when I was changing member titles (I’m Not Allowed** to do this any more, so don’t ask), I changed 2Sexy4MyComputer’s status from “Member” to “2Stupid2Live” instead of just “Banned”*. Little Ed informed me that this had greatly pleased Cecil.

** Like Skippy, if the thought of doing something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that I am Not Allowed to do it. In the case of changing user titles, I still have the capability, but I’ve been told specifically not to do it any more. So, I won’t. Unless I get a really, REALLY good offer, one that’s worth giving up my privileges at the SDMB.

*Back in those days, we had to manually change the status when we banned someone.

Cecil who?


pick me!


I keep hoping they’ll put out another book and include my question.

Cecil also participated in a couple of chats during the AOL days . . . I bet there’s still a few of you out there who was in the chat room way back then.


#87. :smiley:

You know, if Cecil himself had to personally step in and fight my ignorance on a one-to-one basis - twice - I’m not sure if “blessed” would be the word I’d use.

I’ll probably mysteriously disappear for mentioning this but I can’t help gloating.

I’ve never asked him a question but he has talked to me (through Ed) and I have his autograph - personalized.

I participated in the AOL chats with Cecil and Ed. I was actually more of a lurker than a participant, although I did summon the nerve to ask if he and Ed were the same person. Basically, the answer was “No”.

Being the hoarder that I am, I still have the transcript from two of those.

It makes me wonder, does Cecil (or the minion in charge of finding questions) look to the SDMB for ideas? Unless it’s changed the FAQ says to look through the old columns and then maybe post in GQ before sending an mail to the master. I don’t remember seeing a question posed in GQ in the column. The one I had answered I sent directly to Cecil@chicagoreaderdotcom.

Cecil and I talk frequently. Mostly he calls for tips on baking chicken. One time, he asked to borrow 10 francs. When I mentioned that we were both Americans, and didn’t he mean dollars, he started coughing and hung up the phone. Two days later, he wanted more tips on baking chicken. That’s a weird dude.

Not Cecil, per se, but some guy named Ed Zotti sent me a polite cease and desist e-mail when I put up the Unofficial Straight Dope Message Board Member Picture Pages and used the Straight Dope logo in my background.

That’s close enough.

I had a couple of beers with Cecil just this morning.

It was all good.

I had a comment published in the newspaper about ten years ago, and it subsequently appeared in the blue Straight Dope book.

Cecil’s response was great, and it is a treasured accomplishment in my life. Excuse me for not linking it - it used my real name and would identify me on the boards.