ANyone here addicted to the TABOO game? Help me ...

I love that game and play it often enough that my aunt and I know all the cards. No kidding, we get about 16 to 20 cards in the alotted time. So my question is do the refill packs that you can buy have different words on them or are they just replacements if the old cards get lost? Does the 10th annivrsary edition of “Taboo” have different cards in it than the original? Help me out please!

Do as my seasoned Taboo friend did: Use your experience with the nuances of the game to make your own cards. Sounds fun.

I would think–and hope–the new edition and refills have new cards.

There’s also a “Celebrity Taboo,” which uses people’s names. It’s as fun as the original, I think.

One of my favorite games.

I love Taboo too, but I don’t get to play it very often. My family isn’t very good at it – they see the forbidden words and that’s all they can think of, so they try coming up with synonyms, which just makes nonsensical clues. I try to go a completely different route; for example, for “Elvis Presley” I might say, “His daughter married Michael Jackson.”

First of all, Taboo is a fine game, but the king of party games (in my opinion) is Chain Reaction, which I will describe at the end of this post.

However, if you want to spice up Taboo, here’s what I suggest: you get to see the word you’re trying to communicate to your team, but you DON’T get to see the words your not allowed to say. You just kind of have to speculate as to what they might be. I think it makes it MUCH more fun.

Anyhow, here’s how to play Chain Reaction:

First, get somewhere between 8 and 12 players. Then everyone takes 7 or so pieces of paper and writes an answer on each one. These answers must be something that everyone in the room has definitely heard of, but they could be nouns, names, verbs, phrases, etc. Examples might be: “Opera”, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, “Hi, Opal!”, “American Idol”, etc. Then all of these pieces of paper are folded up and mixed together in a big bowl. Then you divide into two even teams.

Teams now take turns. On a given team’s turn, one of the team members will be the guesser and everyone else will be the askers. The guesser sits separately. The askers then huddle together, pull an answer out of the bowl, and all look at it. They then ask a question whose answer is the given answer. The trick is they take turns saying words in this question. So if there are 4 askers and the answer is “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, it might go like this:
1: What
2: couldn’t
3: president
4: Bush
1: find
2: in
3: Iraq
4: Question Mark

(yes, person #4 actually says the words “question mark” out loud).

then the guesser starts guessing, and can keep guessing until either the guesser or any of the askers say “pass”. The team gets as many as they can in 90 seconds, then the other team goes, etc. Repeat until the bowl is empty.

Because the people are trying to form the question collaboratively but don’t always think on the same wavelength, great hilarity ensues.

A few important technicalities:
-The question can be as long or as short as you like. You can keep going around in circles forever and ever, or you can have a question so short that some people don’t even get to say a single word
-questions have to be vaguely grammatically correct. You don’t need to be anal about tense agreement on every last little verb, but you can’t just randomly throw words together in a lump… there generally needs to be a subject and a verb and so forth.
-As in most games of this sort, the askers can not use any of the words on the card, or forms of them
-Until “question mark” has been said, the guesser CAN NOT BEGIN GUESSING. Nor can (s)he in any way gesture or indicate that (s)he probably knows the answer. You just have to sit there and wait for the question to wend its way to an (often comical) conclusion.
-The guesser always gets at least 5 seconds to guess. So if time is called in the middle of a question being asked, the guesser gets 5 seconds to guess from the incomplete question. If time is called 1 second after the question is done, then the guesser gets 4 more seconds to guess. (Obviously, this rule is more a guideline than a precision regulation.)
-If any of the askers don’t know what the answer is, they throw it out and start over. This is very important. Chain Reaction is not a trivia contest where you try to put in super-obscure things that people haven’t heard of. Rather, you put in things that everyone has heard of that might be hard to phrase a question about.
Have fun! And if you live anywhere near the bay area, invite me over! I can’t bear to miss a game of CR.

Why not just write more words on the cards? Just write in the words you find yourself saying a lot.

We finally burned out on Taboo after about our millionth game. I am currently waiting for an expansion set to be created for “Loaded Questions”. We have done every card so many times we can’t think of unique answers to give anymore. Chain Reaction sounds like a blast, but I haven’t seen it in stores. I suppose I’ll order it from Amazon. Please suggest more games in this genre. They can be risque, racy, thougt provoking, or funny, just so long as they are not boring.

You can’t purchase chain reaction… it’s like charades, it’s just something you play. Try it. Seriously.

Other good games in this genre that one can purchase include:
25 Words or Less
Beyond Balderdash
What Were You Thinking?
My three top games of this genre are:
Chain Reaction
Pictionary (not out of the box… it’s more fun if you make up the words that will be drawn and modify the rules accordinly. I’ll explain if anyone is interested)
What Were You Thinking?, which is quite fun when played out of the box, but is even more fun when you make up the questions yourself (are you sensing a theme here?)