HELP! I need a new game!

I play weekly at little bro/ sis-in-law’s house with the guy I am totally in love with as a fourth.

We have played 200, hearts, Settlers of Katan, Seafarers of Katan, Risk, Monopoly, Clue, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Men are from Mars/Women are fron Venus, Scrabble, Pictionary…Pretty much all the standards.

We are so bored.

Can someone recommend a new game?

Spin the Bottle.
Post Ofice.
Strip Poker.


…Make that naked Twister.

some other suggestions:
Pin the tail on the donkey (this works well when alcohol and nudity is involved)

Damn that code! would appreciate a fix there Mods if you can please. Much appreciated. Tanx! :wink:

Here’s a site I like that reviews all kinds of board games:


Bonus benefit: With your new love as partner you’ll quickly find out whether it’s the real thing or if the guy’s the kind of jerk who won’t respond to your takeout double or wouldn’t know a good lead if he only had one card.

If you still want a new game that is not sexual you can play Cribbage with four people. It is my favourite and I play with prison rules. (An ex-con now con again taught me to play. You have to peg out with the exact score that way which is one difference. I have played with other people that don’t play that way. I find that it adds more strategy that way though.)


My friends and I recently found a new board game that I can recommend. It’s called “Wise and Otherwise”. It works like so:

You get cards with old sayings and proverbs on them. One person, who I’ll call the reader, reads out half the phrase. Like “A bird in the hand…”. But trust me, these are not sayings you’ve ever heard of before. The other players write out what they think will be a good way to finish the phrase and pass their answers to the reader. The reader then reads out all the answers including the real answer. Players vote for what they think the real answer is.

You get two points if you guess the real answer.
You get one point for every player who thinks your answer is the real one.
If no one guesses the real answer, the reader gets three points.
You get no points for voting for yourself (although you may convince others that you answer is good if you do so – sneaky sneaky).

The role of reader is passed to each player in turn. First player to reach 50 points wins. We’ve played with 6 players and it’s fun. Give it a try.

There are two games I love playing in company. One is a boardgame called ImaginIff. You write down the names of eight people known to everyone who’s playing, then you answer hypothetical multiple-choice questions about them based on a roll of a die (such as “If this person was a famous disaster, which famous disaster would they be? (a) the Hindenburg; (b) the Titanic…[and so on]”). The fun part is when that person is playing; the “right” answer is the one that the majority agree on, not the one that that person considers themself to be.

An easier game, although it’s best with six people, is to write down celebrity names on paper, then fold them up into a bowl. In teams of two you have to describe as many of the celebrities as you can to your partner within 30 seconds. Obviously this works best with obscure celebrities (have you ever tried to describe Rosa Luxembourg to someone?).

Trivial pursuit.

My husband and I have become addicted to a two-player game called “Kahuna.” You can see a description at Funagain Games. This site also has reviews for a number of games, and quite good prices and service.

If you like cards, you will never get tired of playing Mao.


Fictionary is also a great game. All you need is a good dictionary. In turn, each person leafs through and finds a word that is unknown to everyone. That person writes the correct definition on a piece of paper, and everyone else makes up a definition and writes it down. The person who chose the word then reads all the definitions aloud, and you vote for the one you think is correct. You get one point for picking the correct definition, and one point for each person who votes for your definition (some people also play that the person who picked the word gets a point or two if no one picked the true definition).

For card games, there is one we play called “45”. Actually I started a thread on this yesterday, but no one seemed too interested in it. However, I stand by my assertion that is truly a fun little game.

Board game: Beyond Balderdash can’t be beat. Fictionary sounds alot like it, but it includes not only obscure words, but also, obscure dates in history, obscure people, obscure acronyms, and something else I can’t remember.

I like Apples to Apples. The players all have “adjective” cards, the judge has a “noun” card, and the players pick the adjective card that they think best describes the noun. It’s great for creative minds…

I’m also a big fan of Balderdash {fictionary is the “free” alternative) and Beyond Balderdash.

The other category is movie titles.

Great game, and my sister is completely ruthless at it!

I’ll second the vote for Apples to Apples, although I think it works better with slightly larger groups than you’ve got.

If you like Hearts and Spades, you could try Wizard (

Try this game…It’s called spoons.

If you have 4 people playing…take a 4 of any 4 cards in the deck…IE…4 10’s. Jacks, queens, kings. With 4 people get 3 spoons. Always one one spoon less than the number playing. Deal the cards out. Then pass one card at a time to the left. The first person to get all 4 of one of the cards grabs a spoon, then it becomes a free for all, anyone can grab. The more people in the game the better. The one without the spoon gets a point or a letter or has to do a dying cockroach or whatever.