Anyone here from North Wales?

I’ve got my parents over from NZ at the moment and we’re planning a long weekend (Thursday - Sunday) in North Wales.

I’ve not travelled around Wales much, but I know that the Snowdonia area is particularly beautiful.

Any suggestions on (a) where to stay and (b) what to do?

Ideally I’d like us to stay at the same place for the duration, rather than move from hotel to hotel.

For things to do, I’m thinking

  • Caernarfon Castle
  • Snowdon Mountain Railway
  • Bodnant Gardens (on the way home on the Sunday)

Any other suggestions? My dad is quite claustrophobic so no caverns, I’m afraid.

I travelled the Ffestinniog railway between Porthmadog and Blaenau Ffestiniog years ago and loved it!. Mind you I was travelling in one direction only as I caught a train on the other end. It may be a bit much of a day if you go out and back. (there are a number of tunnels along the way…so that may rule this out)

Portmerion is also just outside Porthmadog, which I would like to see, but having not been there cannot ‘recommend’ it. “Be seeing you…”

Gorgeous country…

My stepfather’s sister’s friend lives in Prestatyn, but that’s as close as I get…

The Dinorwig hydroelectric power station is pretty cool in a monumentally boring sort of way.

The Blaenau Ffestiniog slate mines (and railway) are cool too.

'Course, if you’re claustrophobic or have some other fear of big holes in the ground (bats? the dark?) you won’t like either of them.