Anyone here from The OC/LA?

…just out of curiosity.
I live in La Habra and work in the Neport/Irvine area.


I’m sorry, The OC?

Please don’t tell me you people have shamed my homeland by parroting this inane moniker in real life?

The only people guilty of this are the shows creators. We’ve been calling it The OC for as long as I can remember.

Kind of like how Snoop Dogg put “The LBC” on the map. Now it’s pop culture trivia.

South Bay signing in. Spent about twenty-some-odd years in central L.A. (just south of Hollywood), but moved down here a few years ago.

And Orange County is the black sheep of California. :wink:

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m in Mission Viejo (at work).

I grew up in LA near Loyola Marymount University. I’m in San Diego now, but since mom just moved out to Diamond Bar, I pass through on occasion.

North Orange County here. Just a few blocks away from the LA county border, smack in the middle of suburbia.

Los Alamitos here. I’m also at the border of LA and Orange counties. We are probably known (by a few) for the Los Alamitos Race Track.

San Fernando Valley for the home, and OC (Irvine) for the office.

I’m in San Clemente.

Born in Whittier, moved one year later to La Habra. Mom still lives there. Brother, sister and myself all graduated from LHHS. We’re all flying in this summer for my nephews wedding (sibs coming in from Africa). Our first full family reunion back at home in a couple of decades - I can’t wait!

Cripes, that’s a helluva commute. I wanted to slash my wrists when I lived in Redondo Beach and worked in North Hollywood!

That’s what I was going to say… only without the specific cities. I used to live in OC by the beach (we called it living behind the orange curtain when I was growing up, none of this “The OC” stuff). Worked in downtown LA and would drive to train station, take train to work and reverse. I lasted 6 weeks before moving.

I live in Pasadena and happily have a reverse commute eastward along the 210 freeway. Right now I’m looking for a condo in either Arcadia or South Pas. They’re a little pricey!

Live in Aliso Viejo, work in Irvine…soon to be temporarily relocating to San Diego though…

Sure, where were you all when I posted here in January? I go out to Irvine once or twice a year for work. Just a couple blocks away from the Spectrum.

Born in Lakewood.

Lived in L.A. (West side, just up from the Sony Studios) and worked in Orange (just west of The Block). I’m 1,200 miles north, since November.

Yay! Another one! How long is “temporarily”?