Anyone here lose a large tree from their yard? The police have it.

:eek: :smiley: I’ve seen it all now. How that car kept running is beyond me. The photo of the car is incredible. How drunk do you have to be to continue driving like nothing happened?

“Ma’am, did you know you have a tree on the hood of your car?”
“Well, officer, this IS Elm St., isn’t it?”

This was a traffic stop in January. The poor woman was probably just trying to get her damn Christmas tree to the dump. You can see that it has no needles left. There’s no reason to get all up in her grill.

The things that people will do to get wood!

Your honor! I promise I’ll turn over a new leaf!

You had something stuck to your grill.

If it had been a taxi, we’d be talking about cabinetry!

I’m a little underwhelmed by the size of this “large” tree.

I remember reading about this long ago:

A tree in the engine doesn’t surprise me at all.

“Honest, Officer, I’ve been trying to go around this tree from hours, but it keeps getting in front of me!”

These tree puns are good, but now we need to branch out…

She actually lives on Spruce Court.


More in the realm of “can’t hold yer drink, lady?”:

I think I saw this movie. Bois n the Hood.

Her car has two trunks now.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves [remove sunglasses] a knotty situation here. [Music up.]

“It’s not my fault officer. I blew my horn, the thing wouldn’t get out of the way”

This would make for a much better ad than those idiotic “thieves are using our stupid car for their getaway” ones currently airing. Keeps going and going with a tree implanted in the front is much more impressive than eluding the present day keystone cops.

What a nightmare.

The officers knew she was drunk by the way she was larching around.