Anyone here make “spoon rings”?

Dopers are a crafty bunch - anyone here make spoon rings?

Some of you know I have recently been honoured with getting selected for the Invictus Games. There are 40 of us on the team. I also have my Grandma’s old silverware.

I would love to make rings for the team. Some of us, the only thing we have in common is PTSD from sexual assault. That is a shitty thing to have in common. I would rather share beautiful rings. :slight_smile:


Since the OP is asking about personal experiences, let’s move this to IMHO.

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I believe sticksandstones does.

I have had a few of hers and seen some others; she does really nice work.

I remember making them in a junior high jewelry class. From what I remember, we brought silver spoons from home (a lot of what we thought was silver ended up being stainless steel), our teacher cut them, then we somehow sanded/filed the raw end. We heated it and bent it around a ring sizer. Then we polished it. They actually came out pretty nice for a junior high project.

Since nobody seems to be a spoonringer (I don’t remember ever even hearing of them before) I hope you don’t mind a tangent–when I read the OP, it reminded me that my grandmother had mentioned to me before about being able to make a ring from a quarter by beating it with a spoon (I think maybe my grandfather had made some? But I never saw an example.) I had vaguely imagined it as beating on the center of the coin until the middle wore out, but the concept hasn’t crossed my mind in many years. That led me to google the idea and I see that the spoon (or other hard object) beating was around the rim to slowly thicken the coin. And I really want to make one myself now. Or even one of the more challenging “writing preserved” ones.

I remember *having *spoon rings as a kid and I also remember my best pal and me going out to breakfast at Sambos (remember Sambos? This one was in the Ramada Inn) with her dad and he would have us steal the silverware so he could then make jewelry out of it. I don’t remember him making rings but I definitely remember spoon and fork bracelets. Also fork pendants where he’d bend the tines and set “precious stones” (which we probably found).

YOIKS! Wrong username - the ring maker is Sticks and Scones! Pardon my brainfart!

Here’s the instructions. Anyone that enjoys metal work will love this project. I have the tools except the ring mandrel and it’s inexpensive.

I plan to make three for my wife and daughters.

I’ve made a few. If you have the tools around it takes about 5 minutes. You can also make very pretty pendants, just tightly curl the end so you can run a cord through.

And what were the mums’ reactions upon discovering there was a spoon or two missing from their silver sets? Or even a stainless steel set.