Anyone here marching on June 30?

There was a big crowd here in Fremont, California, and this was only one of many protests planned around the Bay Area today. I understand that in San Francisco there were many thousands.

Turnout at my rally was MASSIVE. The speakers were very good and there were huge numbers of creative signs. It feels very good to be part of a cause.

Good crowd at the Capitol in Madison, WI. Especially heartening with the heat index well over 100º (I think the humidity’s 111%). And great timing - - it started just as the Uruguay/Portugal game ended at the (nicely air-conditioned) Euro-Pub across the street.

What? Can’t I drink beer, watch futbol, and then go fight evil?

The newspaper estimated the crowd in St. Louis at 1000, but it looked larger to me at its height. In any case, I think it was a good crowd.

My son and I went to the march in Atlanta. I haven’t seen an official count, but there were several thousand people there. The march itself was fine. Luckily, the weather cooperated and it was overcast with a nice breeze. Still hot but manageable. I couldn’t hear the speakers, but John Lewis was there and he is always a galvanizing presence. I didn’t see any counter-protesters.

A lot of the signs that I saw were biblical. My favorite sign was “I like my country the way I like my whiskey. No ICE.” :cool:

I could hardly blow off the march, considering my line of work! Some co-workers wanted to go, too, but have been so swamped that they stayed in the office instead. I saw one crowd estimate of 50,000 for Chicago - we were running late because the friend who came with me was late, so we could barely get into Daley Plaza at all.

I was glad my office was nearby so we could stop and refill our water bottles, which we had drained before we even got downtown - it was 96 degrees today, and we had a mile walk to the train first.

Eva Luna, Immigration Paralegal

P.S. Remind me next time to buy the erasable foam board so I can reuse it for the next protest! Also, does anyone make markers that suck less than Crayola poster markers? I had just bought these a couple of months ago to make signs for the March for our Lives (and then couldn’t go because I had plantar fasciitis so bad that I was having trouble walking). Half of the markers were already either dried out, or didn’t make it through doing 2 signs.

I was planning on going to the one nearest me, but realized our family was going to be out of town today.

Just read that the march I was planning on attending had over 1,000. Pretty impressive when you consider this took place in the most Republican county in Michigan and Betsy DeVos’ hometown. The last match I attended in Holland was to protest Betsy’s appointment in January 2017, and there was probably 200-400

I’m a federal employee with bad ankles, bad knees, and a bad back. Me marching in protest of the dumbass running the country is not a good idea.

Pretty sure my niece attended her local event, though.

How many blocks is that?

We had a LOT of people at our local protest, per the Facebook pictures. It wasn’t a walk as much as it was a rally, and they were also collecting items to aid people in a nearby town that had an ICE raid.

That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Enjoyed our rally in Eugene. It was well attended. I’m lousy at estimating crowd size, but I’d put it at between 800-1,000. Not bad for a rally organized in 11 days. Lots of good signs but no standouts.

Weather was pleasant, around 75-80F. No counter protesters that I saw and no cops in evidence, either. I’m sure they were around, but I never saw one.

A pleasant day for a very worthwhile cause.

Seven blocks south, a block over, and then seven blocks back north. Downtown blocks are shorter, though.