Anyone here play an instrument?

I am studying cello and play in two orchestras, one @ school and one with a local youth symphony. Just wondering, who else plays an instrument? Any professional musicians? =]

I make my living giving music lessons on piano, guitar, and saxophone.

My level of proficiency on those three ranges from moderately advanced to intermediate.

So, I guess you’d call me a “professional,” though I consider myself a far cry from a session/studio musician or someone who’s got a steady paying gig.

Someday soon, though . . .


Woodwind specialist plus i play bass for a swing band :slight_smile:

I play the guitar very badly. So badly you can’t even call it playing, really.

I used to play the flute in high school. I took private lessons for about 5 years. I can still remember the fingerings and stuff.

Piano. Before I picked up a second major in college, I minored in music. I taught my dad to play a little. He wanted me to be a music teacher. But I think that takes an extraordinary amount of patience, more than I have.

I haven’t played in years. I don’t have a piano, but I’ve been thinking about getting an electronic keyboard.

Used to play the violin and the piano, can no longer play EITHER of those instruments. Teaching myself guitar at the moment, and hoping I can one day learn the koto. ^^

I play drumset, and I’m learning bass guitar.

Scott77 also plays the fool…:rolleyes:

I used to play the violin. I quit my lessons and now I really regret it. I play the keyboard/piano. But not very well.:wink:

I have played the cello for 12 years. Thats about it.

Violinist here. I also used to take piano lessons, and I own a mandolin, chanter (it’s like a practice bagpipe), tin whistle, and harmonica, all of which I can pick out simple tunes on. Due to its similarity to the violin (at which I am most proficient), I can play more complex melodies on the mandolin, but I’m too busy/lazy to learn any decent chords besides the simple ones.

I’m a wiz on the kazoo!


I’ve played the trombone nearly 9 years. You’d think I’d be better at it by now…

Piano. I have an electronic keyboard, but it can’t compare to the rich sound from an actual piano. Ah…

…and for the record, my favorite composers are Haydn and Gesualdo.


Violin and piano. I quit piano years ago, so I can’t really play much on it anymore. I don’t play my violin much anymore, but sometimes I do pick it up to reminisce, or just to fool around with it.

Keyboards (piano and synth), Drums, Clarinet, Harmonica, some bass and guitar,… umm… I know there’s more.

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Another violinist checking in. I’ve played for years in a student orchestra, where we were doing pieces a little over our head but having great fun (Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps, for one). Then I moved and haven’t found a nice orchestra, and my interests shifted. Now I only occasionaly play chamber music with different pianists, or play in an ad-hoc assembled orchestra. Still I find all those years in an orchestra have given me a solid base for playing with other people and fiddling through music.

I used to play the violin many years ago. Gave it up in my mid teens. I am currently attempting to teach myself guitar (attempting being the operative word!).

Max :slight_smile:

Accordion - I first took lessons 42 years ago - I haven’t improved much since then.

Guitar - initially self-taught, altho I took lessons in classical as well as picking and strumming techniques. Much profiency lost as I haven’t played in a while.

Piano - self-taught and very out of practice.

Recorder - self-taught, and I’m not sure where it is - either in the piano bench or in a box in the garage.

I still have my saxophone from high school:eek:

It is old too!

Recorder - 14 years, and people still look at me funny whenever I mention it. I think it’s because so many Finnish school children are forced to play the recorder in school during music class. Nothing sounds worse than 30 plastic Yamahas all belting out “Hot Cross Buns” slightly out of tune and synch. People equate “recorder” with “ear-splitting weapon of torture”… A shame, really, because once you actually know what you’re doing, the sound isn’t half bad… :slight_smile: