Anyone here play Avalon Hill's Civilization? (Computer game)

And if so, were you able to get it to work on a PC with a later version of Windows? I’ve tried it on XP and while it installed, it wouldn’t play. It would load then unload. I’d like to try it on Windows 7, but have a feeling that that won’t work either.

FWIW, it’s a DOS-based game that for some reason has never been updated.

It’s supposed to work using DosBox.

Never heard of it. Cool, thanks!

I’ve played the boardgame (actually, Advanced Civilization). Cool game but too long.

I tried the compter version but gave up when the computer player eliminated the possibilty of me building a wilderness city (IIRC I had 12 guys in the territory and it move some guys in)


I love the board game. Haven’t played it for ages, but it’s one of my favourites. I still have the original Hartland Trefoil game.

I never did see the computer version, but would love to have been able to give it a go. Who published it?

It was published by Avalon Hill.

As a side rant, it also ultimately led to the closing of Avalon Hill, as the company unwisely began a legal dispute with Hasbro, then the publishers of a different computer game also titled Civilization, who decided to resolve the dispute by buying Avalon Hill and shutting it down (AH was a major player in the serious gamer community, but miniscule compared to the Hasboro juggernaut). Hasbro transferred a small number of game titles which fit into the existing Hasbro family board game line, licensed a couple of the most popular other games, and just dumped the rest, including a wide range of excellent games much liked by serious gamers. :frowning:

Under licence from Hartland Trefoil.

Hmm, I built them all the time, but I guess they were out of range of other nations.

Wizards of the Coast have the rights to a lot of the others. Note I said rights-doesn’t mean they plan to update and release any of them anytime soon-I had an internet acquaintance almost get sued by them because he designed a computer version of Speed Circuit.

Um, Wizards of the Coast are a subsidiary of Hasbro and have been since 1999. So any rights they have are still/also owned by Hasbro.

I used to have the AH Civilization video game (and several others like Kingmaker) but it really lost something in the translation. The barter stage in particular, never seemed to flow like it did in the board game.

That’s what I was about to ask about :slight_smile: And since the bartering stage is about 50% of the appeal of the game… that’d be like playing Diplomacy against the computer, what’s the point ?

Oh, my goodness! That reminds of the time I angrilly smashed my laptop during a chess game when the computer DARED to take my pawn! That electronic BASTARD!
I play the game (and King’s Bounty, which I won in a radio contest circa 1991 and which I have the manual tucked into a cabinet on my desk at all times) with DOSBox now and then. I try to get Military as early as possible. Crowd MY building projects, willya?

When I play with humans (granted, only twice), attacking other people doesn’t happen until at least mid game.
The computer may have even used a boat.
It was along time ago so I don’t rememebr the details, just that I thoght it was a jerk move.


The thing about the computer game is that it tends to make jerk moves only if you have been making jerk moves. At least that’s what the manual says. I don’t know, I tend to play very defensively.

When I use to play the tabletop game on a semi-regular basis, we were deliberately nice to each other, i.e. “Okay, I’ve got Epidemic. You’ve got Medicine, so you can absorb five hits…” i.e. parceling out secondary calamity effects to the players least affected by them. Crete could make sweet deals by taking Barbarian Hordes in trade.

The computer being dickish, well… that’s actually more realistic.

When I first started playing, I was super nice to the other players. We always played the same nations. I was Illyria, Mark was Africa, and Max was Italy. Inevitably, Africa would run out of room and have to get north of the sea through Italy, which pissed Italy off big time. They would have all sorts of wars. I just kept expanding, though.

Tee hee!