Anyone ID This Cold War-Era Lamp Post-Like Thingie?

Midway down the page there’s a video embedded. At about the 2:20 mark, you see the narrator standing next to what looks to be a lamp post modeled after a Soyuz rocket, but different enough in appearance that it clearly isn’t supposed to be a Soyuz rocket (well, if it were designed by Roger Dean, perhaps a Soyuz rocket would look that way).

Given the way the camera pays attention to it, there’s obviously supposed to be some kind of iconic imagery associated with the thing, but danged if I know what it could be.

Beats me.

It looks more like an architectural model of a tower to me.

It’s the OstankinoTV tower in Moscow.

Huh, pretty cool looking for a TV tower. Why can’t we have cool crap like that?

Because the Canadians beat you to it, eh?