Anyone in Chicago lucky enough to get a Grant Park ticket? (Obama rally)

The Chicago Red Eye paper had a few more details this morning about how the planning of the event is coming together.

I only recall a few things but they did say that they are permitted for 65,000 people to attend. The city is planning on the event going until 1am and the event has a permit for loudspeaker use until that time. Also, the city is adding extra bus and train service to the area and are planning on many many people that don’t have tickets to come to the park.

The latest theory from one of my co-workers is that actual tickets won’t be issued until the last minute, maybe Monday, to reduce the chance of shenanigans (ticket forging, that sort of thing).

Anyone heard of the Obama rally Halloween night in Munster at Wicker(?) Park? A coworker told me about it. I still can’t go, because of it being Halloween, but that is another chance for folks to see him–she told me Obama would be there.

Even though I am in Las Vegas, I was wondering how this was going to work out in Chicago. I mean, Obama can garner 100,000 on a weekday in most cities, and I can well imagine Chicago will be slightly hysterical that night. I don’t doubt for a minute that 1 million or more could possibly turn out for one hell of a celebration, and think Chicago is wise to plan for that real possibility. Besides, I am old enough to remember a large Chicago gathering in 1968 that got a bit out of hand, but those were much different circumstances…

A part of me would love to be there, but the sane part of me thinks about being in a crowd that large and realizes it is probably a wiser idea to watch from the comfort of home…as if I were going to fly to Chicago anyway, but still. My guess is that it might just be a party to remember! Those of you going, be sure to report back!

BTW - Did you guys know McCain is planning to have his Election Night party in an Arizona hotel ballroom, and intends to speak to the press on the lawn in front of the hotel?

I am also wait-listed, with no real expectations that I’ll actually get a ticket. :frowning: I’ve been googling for how to get tickets for something like 4 days, and didn’t find the ticketing page until this afternoon… way too late, obviously.

I may still go and hang with the other riff-raff outside the official perimeter fence. I hate crowds, so I’m pretty divided between that and the whole history-in-the-making thing. If they confirm the giant video screens, I think that will significantly influence me towards going down there anyway.

I’m also debating when to show up… I don’t think I’ll be real interested in 1> anything official planned for the rally other than Obama’s speech at midnight, or 2> hanging out in a gigantic crowd for multiple hours. On the other hand, I would like to be able to get close enough to actually see or hear his speech when it happens. And anything else up on stage that might turn out to be interesting.

LOL, I work right next to the hotel that McCain is having his election night party at. KInda funny, there would be NO place at all for a large group of people to gather near there. In fact, more people will probably hike the mountains just north of the hotel on Election Day than will be at McCain’s defeat party.

Still nothing yet beyond the original email for me. I’m waiting impatiently and checking my email a little too often :slight_smile:

I just got the info in my e-mail:

This Friday, October 31st, please join Barack Obama in Highland, where he will talk about his vision for creating the kind of change we need.

Early Vote for Change Rally
with Barack Obama

Wicker Memorial Park
8554 Indianapolis Blvd.
Highland, IN 46322

Public Entrance at Ridge Rd. and Prairie Ave.

Friday, October 31st
Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.
Program Begins: 7:30 p.m.
The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required; however an RSVP is strongly encouraged.

For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

Find your polling location:

I’m still checking my e-mail far too often, too, though I suspect no ticket will show up until Sunday at the earliest, maybe Monday. I’m debating taking Wednesday off, too - if we go to the rally we won’t get home until a rather insane hour. I suspect work productivity in Chicago is pretty much going to suck on Wednesday across the board, and half my practice group (and almost all of the attorneys) will be in Florida working the election, so not much is going to get done around here anyway.

Here we go!


Yep, got mine, and I’ll be there.

This part cracked me up a bit:

“And then hoot twice like a barn owl and once like a screech owl…” :smiley:

This is exactly how I feel. I didn’t do anything about getting ticket, or even know that there was something like that going on until fairly recently. And I hate major crowds, typically, but this seems like such a special event. I know I’d really like to be with others who are going to be caught up in it too. Especially if I could go with a group of friends or people I know, and meet people I don’t know.

Okay, not exactly how I feel. I’m very new to the area and haven’t the foggiest notion of where Grant Park is (and haven’t googled to find it because I’m not sure if I want to go there on my own). However, I’ve seen some indications that it’s kind of near me.

I may go to a local bar and hang out there watching everything there.

I signed up and got the original e-mail that other’s got that seemed to indicate that I’d get a ticket (not waitlisted or anything) - but I did not receive the e-mail that you did w/ instructions about tomorrow.

I’m worried I didn’t make the cut.

I’ll be working security for the event (I’m not a government agent–I do part-time security work for a private security company).

Sorry, I cannot get tickets for anyone (but if I could, I would).

Without getting into too many details the site looks amazing right now. We are supposed to learn more details about the rally tomorrow (The Powers That Be have kept us in the dark to this point). From what I understand win or lose it’s going to be a great event.

As long as it doesn’t threaten security I’ll post more when I get the chance.

Wow… They’re letting Convict’s work security??? :smiley:

I got the e-mail, too, and will be there with bells on (they’re letting bells through security, right? :slight_smile: )

Looked at the weather forecast, and so far they’re predicting a high in the 70s, which is fabulous for November, and ought to do wacky things to voter turnout (or as one friend said, “See? Global warming isn’t all bad!”)

I think I’m taking Wednesday off.

I’m on the waitlist–no ticket for me. :frowning: I think I’ll go and hang out at the perimeter though, even if I can’t get in. Convict, can you tell us if there’ll be big screens for us outsiders? Or loudspeakers so we can hear what’s going on?

Fox News Chicago had a story on this tonight and the precautions being made are insane. There will be no parking allowed as far west as 90/94 and they’re currently not letting anyone even stop their car near Hutchinson Field. It’s going to be crazy.

I just got back from a day spent canvassing in Indianapolis to find my “You’ll get your tickets tomorrow” e-mail waiting for me.

Lucky thing for Obama. After a day of wandering the Republican northern 'burbs of Indy, he owed me :wink:

Yeah, I’ve got one. No fucking way in hell I’m going, though.

Jophiel: See, that serves you right. You shoulda come to Michigan City where we’re kicking some ass hardcore.

You know, that kind of makes me mad. There are so many people who have been working for the campaign hard for several months who would love and deserve to go to this, but didn’t get tickets. You have the chance, but are causually blowing it off. Why the hell did you sign up for tickets in the first place? They can’t be transferred because a photo ID is required and they’ll be checking names at the gate.

At the very least, write to the Obama campaign and tell them you can’t go, so give them to someone else on the waiting list.

I’m not saying this for myself, I haven’t been doing jack shit other than donating money, I’m saying it for people who HAVE been doing jack shit and much much more.