Anyone else going to President Obama's Inauguration?

We should plan some kind of get-together! We’ve worked so hard for this, we should raise a glass and celebrate our historic accomplishment.

Who’s in?

What I think would really be nice, and a smart move, would be for him to announce that due to the economic crisis, and how many people are hurting, that he will forgo all inauguration balls and celebrations.

Fat chance.

And no, I’m not going, and would not if McCain had been elected. As if I’d be asked. :smiley:

you could do this

I’ll be bringing my family. My wife’s and daughter’s birthday are January 20th (as well as my stepmother’s). It’ll be fun and historic; hope the weather’s not too bad.

(Also, I think Shayna is referring to the Inauguration itself, not the balls/parties later, for which you need to be invited).

I love the small print “Cannot be combined with any other offer” disclaimer.

Damn! There goes my AAA discount.

Nobody needs to fear anything bad happening at the inauguration - nobody who wishes Obama ill is going to get by Shayna. :wink:

I’d like to go, though. I was at Bush’s inauguration and as much as I don’t like being in DC, it’s quite an event.

A friend and I are kicking around the idea. We need to sit down and figure logistics first. We’re both poor, but it is technically drive-able from Michigan if we can both get a few days off work. And if we aren’t opposed to less-than-luxurious sleeping conditions (read: drive straight there and back).

My wife and I are trying to figure this out – we want to make it happen for sure. So…tickets are not required to be at the actual inauguration? Is there priority seating or anything like that?

Shayna, how long will you be out there?

What? Tickets aren’t required? Woah! How do I get in on this?

if i’m not working that day… i could see zipping down on amtrack for the day.

Huh. Somehow I’d convinced myself inaugurations were always the third Sunday in January - they’re actually always the 20th, which is a Tuesday this year. (I forgot that I must’ve skipped some classes in 2000.) That complicates things a little, but we’ll see.

you get down to d.c. somehow and find a place in the crowd as close to the capital as you can. the crowd size this time may stretch to california!

the only down side is that if there is a blizzard nor’east’r or downpouring rain, they may move it indoors.

I live in Baltimore, can lodge a Doper or two and am willing to drive us down.

I volunteered for the inaugural committee four years ago.

For understandable reasons, I’ll just sit this one out.

Some close friends of ours will be visiting us at that time and will be attending the inauguration - they’re big Obama supporters. I hope they have a blast.

There was brief discussion of going, but that’s the first day of classes for spring semester. I’ll have to settle for a party here.

We’re kicking the idea around as well. My husband’s birthday is the 18th, mine is Feb 8th, so it would be a combined birthday present. I broached it to him last night and he was definitely interested.

The airfare isn’t looking too bad.

I would love to go but I don’t know that it would be feasible.


We’re staying with family of friends, so lodging won’t be a problem. We haven’t even started looking into flights yet, but I’m thinking about Saturday through Wednesday (if the people will put us up for that long). I hope there’ll be flights even available!

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to have tickets to stand on the mall (or wherever they pack people in there), but I’m trying to work my connections to get closer to the actual event. Wish me luck!

I will be with you in spirit.

I went to Clinton’s. The view is somewhat obstructed and I remember it being bitter cold that day. I’ll probably skip it especially if it is on a work day.