Desperate L.A. Dopers Seeking Kindhearted, Generous D.C. Dopers

So it’s looking like our promised place to crash for the Inauguration is not going to come to fruition. To say we are freaking out less than a week from our arrival would be an understatement.

We’re hoping one of the local D.C. Dopers would be kind enough to let me and Spiny Norman camp out with you for 4 nights; Saturday through Tuesday (floor space is fine!).

We’re arriving at O’Dawn Hundred on Saturday morning, but we’re escorting my boss’s son, so we’re all going to the bossman’s hotel (The Park Hyatt, if location is important to know), leaving our luggage in his room, then spending the bulk of the day together, visiting museums and such. Not sure what plans we’ll have for Saturday evening (perhaps a Dopefest at a local pub or someplace could be arranged??), but we’ll need a place to sleep.

I’ll be calling Congressman Sherman’s office tomorrow morning (Monday) to confirm the private Capitol tour they said they’d arrange for me and a group of up to 8 - 10 friends (so far we have 2 additional takers only, so please let us know if anyone wants to join us!), and find out if it will be on Sunday or Monday.

Sunday night we’re attending the California Ball at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum and it will probably be a somewhat late night (it runs from 8 to midnight). We’re also planless Monday evening so far, and obviously Tuesday we’ll be busy all day with Inauguration activities (we actually have tickets, so I’m sure we’ll have to get a somewhat early start to go through whatever security measures are in place.

Our flight out Wednesday morning departs at 6:20 in the morning, so we’ll have to be at Dulles at 5:15, I guess, so we’ll be out of whoever’s hair very early Wednesday morning.

Is there anyone in the area willing to take pity on we stood-upees? :frowning: Feel free to PM me if you’d rather reply privately.

There are a ton of apartments listed on Craig’s List for people looking for inauguration accomodations.

Good luck, and have a great time.

I’d put you up, but I’m in the wrong Washington!

Thanks, Johnny! :wink:

And thanks to the people who have PM’d me so far. I’ve also taken KSO up on their advice to scour Craig’s list. Pickin’s in our price rage – especially since we weren’t planning on having to pay for accommodations – are slim, but I have a few requests out now.

Sorry I can’t help, but you should not hesitate to bargain with the people on craiglist. The rentals simply are not moving at the rates being asked for on craigslist; there was a story in the Washington Post about it this weekend.

Thanks for the scoop!

These are the ones I’ve replied to so far: (got a very nice reply – the whole 2 br unit would be ours, but there’s no asking price, so I’ve inquired what she had in mind, so we’ll see how that goes. ETA: She wants $500/night, so if there’s anyone else out there who’s looking for accommodations and is willing to share with us, we could swing that, but not by ourselves.) (this guy also responded and said he’s weighing a few offers, but the others just want it for 2 nights and he’d rather rent it to us for 4, so I’m sure there’s some wiggle room on the rate with him, too). (I have not gotten a reply from them yet.) (Have also not gotten a reply from them yet, either).

So it almost sounds like we might end up with more than one option to choose from. Given that, any help that anyone can offer on the locations of these places and which seems like it would be the best, would also be greatly appreciated!

Do you guys have a car to get to-from the airport with, or are you going to rely on taxis and public transportation? That may change slightly what areas will be best for you guys to concentrate on… and if you have a car, don’t forget to ask about the parking situation at potential places!

<< Umm. Yea. Insert something witty here. >>

We have arranged car service to pick us up on our arrival, which my boss is paying for since we’re escorting his son with us. And the concierge at the hotel my boss is staying at said he can arrange car service for our return (we’re flying in and out of Dulles), or if taxi service is easy enough to arrange (and cheaper), we’ll just schedule a cab for Wednesday morning. Otherwise, we’ll be getting around on foot and/or public transportation.

It’s looking like it’s this place that’s taking the lead in our hunt for accommodations (they’ll let us have it for $175/night). Any thoughts? Is that a safe neighborhood? Close to events and transportation?

Please let us know where you find a place, and we’ll schedule a MAD DopeFest accordingly.

Dupont Circle is about as safe as you’ll get in a city. It’s a pretty upscale neighborhood. Very gay-friendly, lots of bookstores and boutiques. It’s a bit of a hike to the events, but doable. You’ll definitely want to walk, public transportation is not prepared for the crowds.

My offer’s still open if that doesn’t work out.

Dupont Circle is a bit of a hike if you’re going further than the White House area, but it is do-able, and you can hop on the red line for the metro easily enough. I rather doubt you’d be able to get to the airport in time from there via public transport though, you’ll be better off with a cab or car.

I don’t know however about the bus service in that area, nor do I know much about the safety. I do know I’ve felt fine walking from the White House area to that neck of the woods (just SW of Dupont Circle) during the work day, but I can’t vouch for evening/night.

Be warned that traffic out to the airport Wednesday morning may be nuts; they’re reopening all the closed roads at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday, just in time for rush hour. :smack: Whatever rocket scientist thought that up is to be commended for true insanity.

Dupont Circle is a great location, though; just bring stout, warm walking shoes or boots!

Dupont Circle is, as the others say, a good neighborhood.

Google Maps says it’s only about 2.5 miles from Dupont Circle to the closest-in public ticketed seats, which means the ones furthest from Dupont Circle. It’ll be a little bit downhill on the way in, and a little bit uphill on the way back. If you’re a bit on the north/west side of the circle, but still in the neighborhood, it might be 3 miles. But if you’re in passable shape, and aren’t trying to hurry, 3 miles is doable.

I’d check with the wife about offering you guys the guest bed, except that we’re out in the boonies, which means (a) you’d definitely need a car, (b) at this point, a rental car would probably run you more than that Dupont Circle apartment would, and © the logistics of getting in and out by car might be a bit taxing, to say the least.

The Dupont Circle place sounds like a good bet - if I had tix for the things you do, I’d rent the place myself for the weekend, rather than try to get in and out from out here in the Maryland exurbs.

You guys are the BEST! The Dupont Circle place it is, then!

The ad says it’s at 17th Street NW & R Street NW Google Mapped here.

We don’t mind walking, and I can certainly use the exercise! I just bought a whole bunch of winter sweaters and such, and might just go back for the Ugg boots that caught my eye the other day. :wink:

And Mama Tiger, thanks for the info on Wednesday AM traffic. I’m guessing the best bet will be to arrange a car service for a set fee through the bossman’s hotel concierge, and they’ll certainly be aware of road closures. Our flight out departs at 6:20AM, so we’ll have to be picked up before the crack of dawn, so even with road blocks, at least we’ll beat rush hour traffic!

Hmm…if you don’t mind getting up early and grabbing a bus from NYC to DC you are welcome to camp out at my place! I have an inflatable guest bed and everything.

I see you have a flight into DC. That kind of renders my offer moot I suppose. :frowning: I tried!

I’d offer, but I’m about an hour from D.C., and I imagine that traffic this weekend is going to be insane.

This isn’t my party, obviously, but I’m a very generous DC doper a reasonable drive from downtown.

So generous, in fact, that I’m all booked up - for free, no less. Democratic family friends will be with us for the duration with their liberal kids.

Sorry. :wink: