Who's going to the inauguration? Can I tag along?

So I’m all set to be present for a part of history. I’ve scheduled the day off from work and my parents are letting me stay over in their Silver Spring home so I can take the Metro into D.C. I’m excited.

The only issue is that I was planning on having some out-of-town friends come with me, but it didn’t really work out. I think it would be much more exciting and interesting to take part with a group of people. If anyone here is going, can I join you? Lunch afterward would be fun, provided we can find a place to eat that isn’t packed.

Everything is going to be packed. I know of busfuls of folks making the trip even though nobody has a ticket. They just want to be there.

That’s not a unique story, either. It’s going to be pandemonium on the 20th. Hopefully it goes well, though.

We’d love to join up with you at some point! However, we actually have tickets to the swearing-in, which, given the restrictions I’m being told about (no food, drinks or even umbrellas!), I’m not so sure anymore that that’s a good thing! :eek:

PM me for contact info while we’re in DC and perhaps we can find a way to get a bunch of us dopers together.

I’ll be in Arlington from late Thursday night until Monday noon. But I have little desire to stand out in bitter cold. I’m staying with my mom(unless she rented out some rooms for $1000) My main objective was to take kids to visit grandma and go to the Library of Congress. Research, don’tcha know. :slight_smile:

I planned this well before Obama won the election.