Anyone know about repairing/replacing a PS3 power supply?

My PS3 died. It’s a PS3 slim, less that 1 1/2 years old. It has no lights on at all. I believe it’s the power supply, but I’d like to be sure before buying a replacement.

I’ve taken it apart, and taken apart the power supply. I’ve tested the fuse and it isn’t blown. Nothing appears obviously bad.

Probing the small connector with four pins, with the power supply plugged in, there is no voltage between any of the pins. I’ve tried this both with the power supply completely removed, and with it in place (so that the two blade connectors are plugged in). The two large capacitors each have 168 volts in both cases.

I assume a working power supply would have some voltage showing on the four pins. Can anyone confirm this? Replacement power supplies are over $50, so I’d like to be sure.

Anyone know a good reliable source they can recommend?


I guess I get to be the board expert, then…

Anyway, yes, it was the power supply. It took me a while to replace, because I wasn’t sure where best to buy a replacement. The inexpensive new ones seemed to be from Hong Kong or China, and I wasn’t sure that they weren’t just knock-offs. They also had long delivery times.

Sony didn’t seem to have any way of buying power supplies directly from them. You had to send it in for service, and I didn’t want to risk having it sent back with a new hard drive and have all my game saves lost. Pretty crappy approach, IMHO, to have parts that break that quickly, and no way for the customer to easily acquire replacements themselves.

I ended up buying a used one on Ebay, and it’s the same model number as the original, not a compatible aftermarket one. That seemed the safest approach.