anyone know anything about hohner accordions

Hi, i can see potential money bags in the distance, but, i am unfarmiliar with the world of accordions and there seems to be little in the way of an online accordion community to help me (cant think why :smiley: ) so i have turned to you guys! Anyway, heres the scoop. My mother’s friends’ late husband was a keen accordion player and, he had himself a Hohner Tango 1 accordion, which he brought around 50 years ago! Towards the end of his life he purchased a superior model, and in his kindness, left the older model with us. It has been sitting in our house for nearly 10 years (about 9 and a half actually), but my parents have left it up to me to find the thing a new owner. In a bit of research i conducted at a local music shop, i found a leaflet saying some Hohners could easily reach as much as 4500 pounds (i’m english by the way).
As i said, this accordion is a 50 year old Hohner Tango 1, and is in suprisingly good condition (i guess). It certainly works, without any problems and there is little damage to the wooden furniture. I am not trying to sell it to the people here, i would just really appreciate some guidance in how i could sell it, or just how much it is likely to fetch.

i appreciate any help that you may give in advance

                       All the best 

Here is a list of the Hohner Tango accordions that have sold on eBay recently:

No Tango 1’s, but some similar models. I don’t know accordions, but I would be surprised if yours went significantly higher.

I don’t know anything about accordions, but I know who does: Boaz Rubin, the husband of a good friend of mine.

I’m sure he’ll be able to tell you all about your instrument.

BTW, his wife told me that accordions are the most popular musical instruments in the world, more so even than guitars. I think this has to lump in concertinas and other forms of “squeeze box” under the heading of “accordion,” but I was surprised. So be careful about your assumptions about the size of the accordion community.

Good luck.