want to sell a piccolo--anyone know their wind?

Hey folks–

mrs. andros has a Bundy piccolo we’re looking to sell on eBay. I don’t know Thing One about piccolos, so if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me, I’d appreciate it.

  1. The piccolo is made of black wood. What kind of wood is it?

  2. It has a wooden head. I’ve seen some with silver heads. Am I correct in thinking that the silver head is more valuable/expensive/better?

Ummm . . I guess that’s it for now. TIA, kids.

I’ll buy it! Whaddaya want for it?

Oh, sorry…1) probably grenadilla wood, the same stuff they use for clarinets.

  1. No, wooden heads mean they’re practically worthless. I’ll give you twenny bucks. Don’t make me think it over, or it’ll be fifteen.

Actually, upon further examination (it’s been in storage a looong time), the body is a resin of some sort, not wood at all. It’s a somewhat wood-grained plasticy stuff. It has a fantastic tone, though.

And no sale, Uke. I just found one that sold on eBay for $150. Go figure. :wink:

But I reckon that I might wait until next August or September, when people are looking for a student piccolo.

Thanks for the offer, though. :wink:

You’re going to risk losing my friendship over a lousy hundred and thirty-five bucks?

BTW, is this a C piccolo or a Db piccolo?