Anyone know anything about PC graphics cards?

I am looking to buy a notebook computer and I wish to play PC games on it. I want to make sure I get a a graphics card good enough to play games like City of Heroes, but I don’t want to pay a ton.

I found one notebook with the following graphics card:

ati radeon 128mb xpress 200m hyper memory

Here are the requirements/recommendations from CoH:

GeForce 2 Series, ATI Radeon 7500 Series or Intel i865G and above Video Card

GeForce 6200

Anyone know if the ati radeon I list is above the 7500 series in the minimum requirements? If so, how much more?

In general, notebooks are not good for playing games. Even the higher end notebooks aren’t brilliant. One of the big problems is that decent modern graphics cards put out a lot of heat.

You might like to consider buying a laptop and a seperate games machine.

I have a pretty good gaming desktop. So, a no go on the notebooks?

Well it’s not a no go, BUT expect to pay for it. Check out the gaming notebooks at alienware.

  • Peter Wiggen

Alright, from a quick google on this… it looks like what you listed is an ATI chipset, with 128mb shared video memory… that is not ideal for games… i am pretty sure there are laptops with actual video cards available? that would work better…

If you check out the CoH forums, they can help you with information on laptop graphics requirements. I have a Dell with an ATI card with 256 megs and it used to do a decent job with CoH, but I haven’t tried it since the new stuff that was added with I6.

The Radeon xpress 200m is arguably the fastest integrated video chip around. (The Geforce 6100 chip is about the same speed.) Since CoH is listed to run on Intel integrated crud, it should be able to play on the much faster 200m, though no doubt you will have to turn the resolution and eye candy.

How much do you want to spend on a laptop, anyways? That will give us a good idea of what kind of graphics you can get. Definatly look into getting a laptop with at least a Geforce Go 6200 or Radeon x300 mobility graphics card. Heck, for $1500 or so you could get a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a Geforce Go 6800 and a gig of RAM.

Alright, i guess i was, rather spectacularly, wrong… guess i should have looked at CoH a bit closer… :smack:

I just went shopping for a new notebook, and one of my criteria was a graphics card that could play some games. I do realise that I’ll have to turn down the graphics a little, but I require a dedicated graphics card. The intergrated intel graphics are crap.

If you’re willing to spend about $1500 you can get a notebook with a built in ATI or Nvidia chip (I happened to get an a notebook with an athlon 64 4000, 1GB of ram, and an ATI mobility X600 with 128mb dedicated ram). Either chipset should be able to play CoH with little difficulty.